The company is a leading brand in the ecommerce industry of kitchenware. Since 1949, the company is manufacturing and selling its products in the market.

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About Client

The company is a leading brand in the ecommerce industry of kitchenware. Since 1949, the company is manufacturing and selling its products in the market. Being one of the most legendary e-commerce companies, the organization is catering to the needs of homemakers with its brilliant kitchen appliances.

Project Overview

One of India's largest kitchen appliances companies- Prestige wanted to improve the customer retaining and lead generation for its website. The company wanted to change the look & feel of their website and decrease the bounce rate. In order to overcome this problem they connected with us and, we started working on their UX and completely revamped not only the face but also the complete functionality and made it a robust one.

Prestige is into manufacturing and supplying kitchen appliance, catering to the needs of homemakers. And, with Such a bygone UI it was completely impossible for our client to be the trendsetter in the market. Hence, in order to expand the business and prove its prominent stand a revamp was required.

When we approached Prestige, the company had a website with impecunious graphics, design, and functionality. Due to which, the company was losing customer's attention, leads and sales. Also, the company was experiencing a rise in bounce rate that was becoming one of the greater issues. It wanted us to give a whole new identity to their brand so that it could attract more visitors and convert them as its users. They were also looking for the multi-warehouse solution in order to make the order fulfillment efficacious. Apart from this, they wanted us to import the existing user's data to the new website to reach out to them & continuously offer the best deals & offers.

Challenges (overview): Introduction

However, before rendering any kind of solution, it was necessary to find out the exact problem. And, in order to identify the exact problem, we took help from our experts. After a thorough analysis, we came to find out that prestige needed a new brand identity with a robust & strong backbone (backend structure). Also, as they were experiencing the rising bounce rate, it was a quite challenge for us to reduce it and manage it. Apart from this, during the festive season (which is a peak time for the businesses to gain customers), their website was not able to handle the excess traffic. This was also a concern for the company that we needed to take care of.

Solution (brief)

We first built a strategy, keeping the client's requirements in mind and then started building an e-commerce website for them using Magento. We utilized standard features and functionalities of this platform. We played with major trendy graphics to develop an appealing and robust user interface. We also reduced the server downtime of the website and deployed solutions for managing the huge traffic rate during the peak hours or days.

We made the security of the website stronger and prevent it from the fake orders. The freshly brewed website is helping our client engaging customers and retaining them as potentials ones. Now, the traffic coming to the website gets better information and can navigate to the target pages which has reduced the bounce rate of the website. Also, the multiwarehouse solution crafted by us is solving their order fulfillment requirements and helping them enhance their business without any hassle.

Through the Prestige's Website, now customers can easily select their choice of cookware, kitchen appliance and tools while making the payment the website itself. They can even also enjoy all the deals and offers to buy the products on discounts and access to the latest added variety of products too. To all make it possible, the prestige website comes up with the following features:

UI Design
  • Elimination of all distracting elements
  • Usage of Perfect blend of font, images & graphics
  • Quick selection and easy checkout
  • Making the flow quick and easy
Shopping Cart
  • Payment vouchers
  • Pre-mentioned coupons
  • Multi-Payment gateway integration
Reporting Module
  • Extensions for sales
  • Extension for reports (monthly/annually)
API Creations
  • Sales API
  • API For Stock Management
Order Management
  • Invoice Creation (default/customized)
  • Multi-warehouse solution
Shopping Labels
  • Modules for the postcode (restricted/non-restricted areas)
COD option
  • Cash on delivery extensions (customized)
Security Feature
  • Prevents Fake Orders
  • Report
  • Development team (technologies etc, practices)
  • Marketing team (if any data from the customer's end)

Records to mention (if any)

Significant Increment In Conversion Rate

Post creation, the prestige website gained a greater user engagement and visitor's attention. We not only made their face robust and appealing but also make the backbone stronger. Our solution made the company experience a great hike in conversion rates. The story doesn't end here. The users that were leaving the website without ordering anything, started spending more time on it and enjoying the flawless checkout process. And as we also sorted out their one of the biggest issues i.e. data import, they are very much satisfied with the solution we crafted for them. They found us worth the investment as we not only bring success through our solution but also helped them achieve maximum consumer contentment.

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