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Nowadays, people love to stay updated with everything that’s been happening around the world. From geopolitical situations to celebrity gossip, you’re keen to know all sorts of information. However, as your lifestyle is hectic and packed, there is not enough time to stay abreast of the latest news. That’s where the need for mobile news apps arises.

‘How to create a news app?’ The question is vital for entrepreneurs who are interested in entering this field. With the latest technology and expertise, creating apps is possible that offers you information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By approaching trusted news app development the right way and with the assistance of an expert development company, you can expand your news outlet’s audience to unmatched levels.

For users, news apps provide easy access to the latest information on the go. Instead of buying a paper from a newsstand down the street, it’s a better alternative to pull out your smartphone and scroll the news on the screen. Not only does it avoid clutter in your bag or your desk at work, but it also saves a lot of trees, making it an environmentally friendly approach.

So, if you’re on the lookout for advanced news app development solutions, Fourtek is here at your service! Our goal is to create news apps that operate efficiently. We have analyzed our experience and some open data that we’d like to share with our esteemed clients. We can help you implement the right strategies in building a perfect news app as per your expectations and budget.

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Diverse Feed

The feed is the soul of any news app as it's the front page. It’s the first thing visitors view as all the latest, and trendy headlines and bylines are displayed here. Due to this, the feed section is significant for your news app. We can help you create a perfect layout and design that captures the user’s attention.


Users won’t like to repeat the same task every day, even if it’s merely, like selecting a topic from the list. With a ‘follow topic’ feature where your users can select topics they like and only get notification from them. We can add this feature to your app, so when your users open the app, their feed is only filled with new articles on topics they follow.

Wide View

A reader would definitely enjoy reading the news article in a wider view. So, with a ‘wide view’ feature, users can get better coverage of the topic. If you create a news app that covers topics related to economics and politics, the wide view feature is practically necessary.

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