We are one of the best online translators companies apprehend that today technology has imbibed in every phase of our life. It is transforming multiple facets of our lives and industries as well. And, if we talk about the industries, like others, the translation industry is also empowering itself with the latest trends and technologies.

Translation Industry Is Reaching At Its Zenith

The Translation sector (the fastest growing sector in terms of economy,) thrives on an ever-growing need of language content-development and content consumption in a wider range of disciplines such as Information Technology to Manufacturing, Medicine to Advertising etc. And, in India, where 22 constitutional languages prevail while 1000 native languages are spoken, it is growing as big as a billion dollar (6500 Cr approx.) market.

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Fourtek's Devangri Taking Translation To A New Level

However, in the wave of getting everything done quickly, providing information in different Indian languages, the translation industry is facing problems in offering solutions to clientele and translators as well. Over the internet, there is less than 1% of total content in Indian Languages. And, keeping that concern in mind, we took a step ahead to bring a solution. We developed Devnagri, an AI-powered human translation platform. Through this platform, we are providing the most reliable Indian language localization service. Being the panacea for all translation requirements, this platform delivers translation for multiple Indian languages and provide both, digital as well as physical content on time.

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Devangri Offers a Panoply of Advanced Features

This online translation platform possesses a wide range of features and solves multiple translation-related issues.

Fulfilling The Need of the Time

India is a growing economy. Lots of international businesses are coming to India for serving Indian customers with their products and services. And, in order to gain the interest of the customers, they need to be multilingual. There, Devnagri comes into existence. Being a smart online translation platform, it eases the task at the clients and translators ends.

Bringing Localization to Your Business

Where clients face issues like lack of quality in work done by translators, timely delivery, real-time tracking of work & availability of multiple translators at one place, translators also face issues such as lack of continuity in getting projects, payment security, & inability of translating different file-formats. So, in this case, Fourtek, being one of the best online translators companies, offer Devnagri, which acts as a panacea for both of them.

Empowered by Artificial Intelligence

Being empowered by Artificial Intelligence, this platform becomes a value-added service. The AI learn with time passing and help in providing a quick translation of repetitive words. In this way, it helps both clients and translators in getting their work completed at a higher pace with utmost quality. Also, it helps in delivering work within the scheduled time-frame.

Optimized Workflow Offered with Quality

This platform is capable of providing the real-time tracking of your work. From project development to the completion, it efficaciously manages the localization. Operating directly with the iOS and Android, and bracing 8 Indian languages, accepting all kinds of file-formats of content, Devnagri offers impeccable translation with proofread services with 100% accuracy.

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