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Partnership Working Models

Based on the experience Fourtek gains in IT industry, we established partnership working model which uses all possible engagement to provide clients with a high level of transparency and control.
Furthermore, there are a list of working models keeping in mind the size, complexity and delivery requirements of the project. We are GLAD to offer customized models based on specific requirements.

Fixed cost model

This model works with the projects with clear requirement. Minimal cost that guarantees delivery of projects on time. All of the project details are agreed beforehand
Initial enquiry - Analysis - Quote - Customer agreement - Development - Release - Sign Off

Time and material

This model is best for those clients who want to be a part of the project development process. As the name suggest, the final price is calculated by the number of person/hours invloved/spent to complete the project
Initial enquiry - Analysis - Suggest T&M model - Customer agreement - Development - Monitoring - Release - Sign Off

Dedicated team model

This model is serves best to the companies who wants to hire a team full time to work on specific project/s or technology. The dedicated team acts as virtual employees to the client. The dedicated team works exclusively and full time on the client's tasks.
The team follows the client's work policies and development methodology
Initial enquiry - Contract - Dedicated resources - allocation Resources - work on dedicated projects - Monitoring and reporting

Hybrid model (combination of FP and T&M)

This model is a combined pricing model, wherein customers can benefit from different pricing models at different stages of project implementation. For example, when the exact project details are unclear, we can start with time and material. Once the project specifications get base-lined, either a fixed cost or a dedicated team model can be adopted