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Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency Instead a Freelancer?

28th August 2017

There are two types of work, a work that an amateur does and a work that an expert does. In this very simple fact, there are many things that come into solid consideration when the work is done by a freelancer and an expert from a company. Today with this article, we are going to put in some real fact and break few myths to give and tell you why is a proper digital marketing company must be chosen and not a freelancer.

Credibility with companies is better with companies -

A freelancer is technically a person as compared to a whole company which comprises of a whole lot of people. Therefore, logically a trust over single would be less as compared to several people. Also, working with an agency will serve you with a high quality work just for this simple reason.

Legal issues are addressed more easily if any -

This is the next fundamental rule where it is said that freelancers work comes under a civil law agreements where there is no obligation to pay the tax. Therefore, if the person suddenly person disappears, it becomes hard to get things back on track and the result is quite impacting, both financially as well as work – wise. Hence, always choose to be with a company which comes with trust build.

Organized work is only found in an organization -

it goes without saying that even if the person assigned to do your work falls sick in the company, other can handle it but then what will happen if your freelancer falls sick or leaves your work in between for a very unusual and unexpected reason. Therefore, hiring a team instead of a work puts you in a good situation.

The pricing may be high but is worth every penny -

it has been seen that people are complaining about the high prices charged for them by a company and therefore, they try to hire freelancers to ensure a good cost cutting. But here, they are missing the following points -

with fewer prices comes low quality work.
With fewer prices comes low credibility.

Now, anybody can agree with me that credibility and high-quality work are kept at first priority and not the prices. Therefore, if you are charged high prices then it is always made assured that you get the work as per your demands and wishes which is undoubtedly a quality work.

On time delivery assured -

A freelancer is always in a hurry of completing the work but when a company is involved, only your work is taken into priority. Moreover, you can have as much as takes until your work gets completed but that’s not the case with a freelancer.

A unique digital marketing agency, Fourtekl IT Solutions is the perfect name in the IT field. Serving the best web and app development services, this company does not compromises the quality of the work and also delivers the work on time.

Happy working!


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