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Why Are Mobile Apps Important For Your Business?

Why Are Mobile Apps Important For Your Business?

Nowadays, it is common that everyone uses a smartphone for their day to day activity. The importance and impact of mobile phones in our daily lives and activities cannot be denied. Mobile phones have changed from a simple communication device to a significant point of attention for individuals and businesses due to their distinct characteristics. All this is a result of the advancement of technology and access to high-speed Internet. Therefore, businesses are connecting with the best app development company to get personalized applications for their brand.


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But why mobile applications? How is this necessary for any business? Let us take a look at some statistics that will help you understand why your business needs a mobile app. 


●     There will be 1 billion smartphone subscribers by 2016, with 257 million smartphones, and the U.S. will have 126 million tablets (Forrester).

●     Only 11% of end-users use business applications from the corporate office 100% of the time (Cisco)

●     85% of enterprises have no plans to appoint a mobile leader (refer)

●     Mobile application testing consumes a quarter of the IT budget (CIO post)

●     Mobile 4G connection increased from 203 million in 2013 to 1.5 billion by 2015 (Cisco)

●     75% of the 500 companies are participating in deploying Hybrid Mobile Apps (IBM


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According to research, 81% of mobile device users typically search for a product or service online, and 26% of them search for apps related to that specific product. Now, you may wonder why your business would need an application to sell its product to customers. But, to be updated and ready for the future, a mobile app should be one thing for your brand.

The above figures indicate that "mobilizing your enterprise" is no longer an option. Mobile applications have become the fastest and most effective tool for engaging with customers, and they have now become an integral part of enterprise strategy for businesses. Hence, they are increasingly investing in mobile app development.

Every company will need the help of a reliable app development company at some point:

●     Create a mobile app for an existing system and / or

●     Create new mobile apps to meet the changing business environment and customer needs


These apps will target one or more of the following mobile platforms:

●     Ios

●     Android

●     Hybrid

●     Windows

●     Blackberry


The business team should analyze the following factors before planning for any mobile application:

●     If the application is facing an enterprise or facing a consumer?

●     Which OS platforms are of strategic importance?

●     For enterprise apps, the choice between buying BYOD vs. specific devices.

●     Time to market.

●     Integration with external devices (printers, card readers, barcode scanners, etc.)

●     Last but not least - budget

These decisions may or may not be in consultation with the IT team. However, these become the baseline or boundary conditions within which the IT team needs to make some critical technology decisions. The next big question is whether the IT team can build a mobile application or needs to opt for mobile app development services to get it developed. More often than not, existing IT teams may not have the entire skillset to develop and package multi-platform mobile applications. In such cases, it makes sense to hire a reliable app development company or a specialist.


This mobile app development approach has the following advantages.



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Business Exposure:

Smartphone users spend more time online. Research shows that smartphone users spend at least 162 minutes on their smartphones every day. Hence, investing in Mobile app development services india can help increase business visibility and promote business growth. This is because people connect with images that they see more often.

Customer loyalty:

The mobile app can be used to increase customer loyalty as it allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers through in-app purchases, advertisements, promotions, and notifications sent to customers' phones via mobile apps. Allows


A viable marketing tool: 

Apps developed from a leading mobile app development company acts as a marketing tool in reaching target customers. Businesses must not focus on printing brominal brochures at all to reach new customers, as apps can act as a reliable source to provide information, registration/booking forms, accounts, newsfeeds, and other valuable marketing tools. Customers can be made aware of promotional offers using push notifications only.

Increases sales:

Mobile apps have been used to increase sales of goods and services and earn more profits. For an example, Domino's Pizza in the UK increased its sales by 28 percent following the release of its mobile app. About half of the orders placed online are made on mobile apps. According to the stats, the majority of the applications are easily integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites for massive marketing coverage.


Other Advantages of Mobile App Development Services :


●     In the changing landscape of mobile technology, finding and maintaining a team is difficult and expensive.

●     It is tough for companies to find talent and train them in new technologies.

●     Time to market and MVP (Minimum Viable Product) are also new spells for large enterprises. Companies need tailor-made and dynamic processes to achieve this.

●     Developing an in-house testing strategy for mobility testing is difficult and expensive.

●     Companies need to adopt the right tools and strategies or hire a reliable app development company to build and test apps across devices, platforms, form factors, as well as platform versions.

●     Unlike typical IT projects, the time duration to market for mobile applications is 3 - 4 months, which means that companies will require on-demand scaling.

●     It becomes more complicated when the app needs to be developed on the platform (iOS / Android, etc.).



Businesses can use mobile applications for information about customers' preferences and patterns of behavior so that they can make critical decisions based on accumulated data. This has far-reaching effects of increasing sales and improving customer experience. Mobile app development has been used to build apps for various businesses. Applications are the significant part of companies, as they can help the business to proliferate irrespective of the type of business. 

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