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Whats so trendy about dating app development that everyone went crazy over it? - Blog - Fourtek IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
dating app development

Whats so trendy about dating app development that everyone went crazy over it?

The changing landscape of dating culture and the hurried modern lifestyle has changed the way people meet and interact with others. With every aspect of the world moving online, dating app development has become an opportunity with endless possibilities of generating revenue. Being able to find a suitable partner with just a few taps of the finger is a prospect that excites many people. Producing an app that makes it easier for the users to meet and engage with like-minded people is a sure shot recipe of success. Dating apps have risen to popularity because they are free and have a specific niche. Given how many such apps already exist, it is essential to have a unique approach for developing the app to stay ahead of the competitors.


There are certain basic features that all dating apps possess. Some of these that you should take into consideration during dating app development:

Social media integration- Integrating social media with dating apps makes the whole experience better and more engaging for users. It is possible for people to interact better when they can connect with each other through various social media platforms. Users can log in through other platforms using their existing profiles. This saves them the time of creating another one.

Creating a profile- All dating apps provide an option of creating a profile to the users, which includes their likes and expectations. While some apps use a set of mandatory questions to create a profile, others allow users to manually fill in their details. Users can set certain preferences and will find matches accordingly.

Chat- Providing the option to chat with people on dating apps is a must.

Setting criteria- Filters like location, gender and age can help the users in finding more suitable matches.

Notifications- The purpose of dating apps is to connect people with shared likes instantly. Push notification can help your app do just that.  

Geolocation- Certain dating apps utilize the current location of the users and provide them with matches that are present close by. This helps people meet up with others immediately.

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The main idea behind any app development is generating more revenue. Even though the apps themselves are free for use, they can be monetized by applying an effective strategy that combines various models of revenue generation.

Freeminum- a lot of dating apps use the freemium model for making money. In this, a clipped version of the app can be made free while the full one can be charged for. Freemium involves providing basic services to the users for free while charging for some advanced options.

Subscriptions- Another effective way of monetizing dating apps is by providing paid subscriptions. The subscribers are provided with enhanced functionality and other benefits in the premium version of the app. The only way to have more subscribers is to have a unique platform that focuses on generating a better experience for users. Gaining the readers’ loyalty is important for increasing traffic on the tap.

Advertising- In app advertising is the best way to generate more revenue for apps. Displaying the ads to the targeted audience can be the most rewarding form of monetization. In app purchases can further increase the earnings through the app.

Gifts and services- Some dating apps have also started providing services like sending gifts to someone or reserving a table through the app. This advancement is proving to be profitable as more users are availing these services.


Since a number of dating apps are already available, it is important to develop an app that has a unique premise and satisfies all the needs of the user. Certain aspects of a dating app that appeal to a user and make it more successful are:

Security- Considering the security risks such as violation of privacy, insecure storage of data, misuse, information leaks, working on the security of the application becomes crucial. Avoiding any security gaps that could be exploited by hackers for stealing information thus becomes essential. Focusing on app security is, therefore, an important aspect of dating app development.

User experience- Having an interactive interface that appeals to the user is of utmost importance. Getting more relevant matches and an enhanced overall experience can help increase the amount of time spent by users on the app.

AI- Some developers have started incorporating AI in their apps to keep a better track of a user’s preferences, thus helping in providing them with better matches.

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