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What Is UI/UX? Why Is It Important For A Business Website? - Blog - Fourtek IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
User interface and User Experience

What Is UI/UX? Why Is It Important For A Business Website?

Nowadays, every business needs to have an online presence to make it stand out in the market. A website is one of the potent ways of doing so. If you look at all the successful businesses in the world, a major source of revenue for them is through an online portal. The website should be designed in such a way that it captures the attention of the users visiting it. The layout, the design, the content, and the images can play a big role in it.

A common mistake that many business associations do is design the website themselves, without any expert opinion. There are specialized agencies that provide the same services at a reasonable price. It is always a good idea to hire someone who is really efficient in their work so that your website can achieve what it sets out to. Additionally, the businessmen will have one less thing to think about. Now, there are two terms that can be related to designing a website. They are known as UI and UX.

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The problem is that most people do not tend to understand the differences between them. They confuse them with each other. A detailed description of both aspects needs to be underlined so that it helps with the process of website designing in a better way. This article tends to do just that.

What is UI?

UI stands for User Interface. In common language, it is basically the layout that a website sports, especially the graphical aspect of it. When you open a standard website, there are many options that become available. Users can click on certain buttons as well as the texts that are presented on the website. Images and entry fields are other areas where the users directly interact with the website. These interactions are also of two types- micro as well as macro. It includes the layout of the screen, the different types of animations and transitions that are commonly visually appealing.

When a UI designer is hired for the job, they have to undertake a number of responsibilities. It ranges from choosing the scheme of the color to the general theme of the website. Small details like the type and size of the fonts and the line width are also given adequate importance by the designer. The main criterion here is to create something unique. It is not only the esthetics that needs to be given the importance that is due. The utility is also a factor that is stressed upon by the designers.

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It should mimic the personality of the business in such a way that the whole layout looks compact. It should be able to put across a point and deliver the message that it intends to. Only then can it be considered a success. Since there is a lot of saturation everywhere these days, one of the main requirements to make a name for oneself in the market is to stand out. A proper UI helps to achieve that easily.

What is UX?

UX is also known as User Experience. It is the kind of interaction that a user has on using your website. They judge whether it is completely logical and smooth in it's functioning. It is also seen whether the navigation leads to what the user is looking for or is it a huge struggle to do so. It is basically defined as the experience by the user to see how easy or difficult the whole ordeal of interaction is with the design created by the UI designer. The big difference that it has with UI is that the UI determines how good the design of the interface is while the UX tells about how well it operates. The structural integrity of the interface and functionality are key aspects that are considered under User Experience. The organization of the vital information in a holistic manner also comes under its functionality.

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Another important issue that they look for is to take user feedback about how they found the website or the application. They also review it properly and incorporate the necessary changes. The main objective here is to customize everything in such a way that the user has a seamless experience while growing through the website.

How do they work in coordination with another?

The usefulness of the UI/UX design gives an idea of how they work in coordination. Like mentioned before, UI is concerned with the looks of your website while UX ensures that the website functions optimally. Thus, using UX, the relevant information is collected from the users and passed on to the UI. The UI designer sees that this information collected is put to good use.

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Research is a very important aspect while adding features on the website. For example, if the main agenda is to create a website on traveling, thorough research needs to be done about how it should look, what buttons and options need to be included in it, how the aesthetics of the website should be. There is room for innovation, but there are some guidelines or rules that need to be stuck in order to taste success. It is a good idea to see how other websites of a similar niche are designed to get an idea of what exactly the users want.

Why is UI/UX important for a business website?

Looking at UI/UX from the perspective of the development of a business website, it is imperative that they work together to create the best. Any discrepancy can lead to disaster. For example, if a website is esthetically superior but is very difficult to navigate and execute functions, it will be rejected by the user immediately. Similarly, if a website is very simple to go through but is not very appealing to the eye, a user will tend to go somewhere else as there are options available in galore.

The common ground needs to be achieved where both aspects can work together. A good way to judge the usability of a website is by 'call-to-action' or CTA. It is the conversion of users from viewers to purchasers of services or products. The more the CTA score, the more will be the success of the website and consequently, the business.

A few things that the UI/UX looks into are as follows-

●    Webpages should be extremely responsive. People access websites using various smart devices these days. The designing should be such that it can change according to the device being used.
●    The loading time of the pages is another important consideration. The design should be such that it loads within 5 seconds.
●    Thirdly, Call-to-Action should be monitored at almost every step. This will ensure that some involvement is shown by the user. It can also generate the necessary interest which can subsequently lead to sales and revenues. Simple things like entering some form or answering some kind of inquiry can be considered as viable options here.

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The importance of UI/UX and their ability to work together in the development of a good website must have become clear by now. This will help to ensure that the business moves forward in the right direction in the online sector.

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