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Understanding the basic difference between SEO and SMO services


Trending through the digital market are the two words that have gained much popularity in the field of internet marketing and advertising. The terms Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) have gained enough prominence today and are being widely used by leading media strategists, webmasters and tech bloggers across the whole world including India. Every digital marketing company adheres to the basic foundation laid by top SEO services and SMO services in order to build a successful market repo. Fourtek IT solutions is one such company that delivers top SEO services and also best SMO services in Noida and Delhi region. The company provides best SEO tactics and SMO solutions to its clients in order to help its clients to attract online customers and top the search results.

Both SEO and SMO, are used to direct and increase the overall traffic on a website. But technically speaking, both of these terms are completely different from each other in respect of their usage, techniques, and types of content formats they are incorporated in. Many of the top SEO and SMO service providers claim to have mastered both of these terms but the truth is that both of these terms and the field of their usage is dynamic and ever-evolving. Today a large number of SEO techniques and SMO illustrations are used in order to stimulate visitor frequency of a particular website.

Understanding SEO and SMO:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO:  This is the process that helps in improving the overall ranking of a website over a search engine as it is believed that the higher a website ranks among the search results on a search engine, the more are the chances of user visits on that website. In fact, most of us usually click the search results that appear on the first page of a search.  
 They usually access the website on the first few pages of the search results.
Every SEO services caterer usually targets specific keywords. Those keywords are usually based on what a user search the most on the internet and what popular phrases are entered by him in the search box. Thus by identifying the top ranking and trending keywords.

SEO is used to target different types of searches like image searching, local searches, searching a video, content specific search, news and blog-centric searches and other industry based searches.

Owing to these industry-specific needs, Fourtek IT solutions has emerged as provider of top SEO services in Noida and Delhi region to help its clients websites to top search results over popular search engines.

 Social Media Optimization or SMO: According to some general widely accepted definitions, “It is a process of enhancing, increasing and building an identity of a product (digital marketing), brand or any event through the use of different social media channels, outlets, and various communities to aid publicity generation.

SMO involves the use of social media platforms for increasing traffic on a website.
Some of the popular methods include incorporation of RSS feed, bookmark websites, using social news and messages, using a blog and video websites as well as popular social websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.
Various tools of publicity like banners cover pictures are used under SMO.
Today, there is one company that understands the need of the hour and has dedicated professional working into SEO and SMO. The name is none other than Fourtek IT solutions, top SEO and SMO services provider in Noida and Delhi. Therefore come to Fourtek and feel the difference.


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