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Top Online Marketing Funnels That Can Help You Promote Your Brand


The demand for internet marketing services is getting higher. In order to help enterprises to promote their businesses, online marketing or digital marketing companies in Delhi, India is providing brilliant solutions. 

Today, the online world is getting more competitive. Due to the rising competition, entrepreneurs are leaving no stone unturned to promote their brand, attract more customers and build a reputation in the online market. And, in order to achieve this, they are taking the help of reliable online marketing companies in India. With the best digital marketing solutions, the business can accomplish their business goals easily. There are some known online marketing practices that are being used by businesses to gain higher conversions like SEO, SMO, PPC and so on. However, in this write-up, we will discuss some of the online marketing funnels that you may be missing out on and you shouldn’t. 

Quiz funnel:

This starts with visitors or users replying a series of compelling queries, promising to render personalized and instant feedback. On completion of the tasks, these visitors are asked for their contact details to get their results. On the basis of the email services utilized, the answers from the can also be used for tagging subscribers. This will help in customizing email follow-ups. Reliable digital marketing companies in Delhi can help you implement these strategies to gain more customers. 

Invisible Funnel:

In this kind of funnel, people choose in with a credit card for attending an event or getting access to software, training or digital product. However, they are not charged instantly. They will be having access to the product or service for free at first for sure. Further, they will be billed after they have had the opportunity of using the service or the product. This could be for 3-7 days later or remain for a month later. This is what makes this funnel unique. 

Digital Attention Span Funnel:

This is designed for grabbing the attention of the visitors with short attention spans and, for quickly winning their trust and turning them into leads. This funnel is not a dedicated page but blended into a blog post, focused on solving a specific issue for the website’s prospective consumers. In order to execute this funnel, your first step is to let your users or visitors know that you are quite qualified for solving their issues by utilizing “trust triggers” on your webpage. Moving further, the second step should be focused on solving visitors’ issues that led them to your content. In order to build a reliable and long-term relationship, this is quite significant. 

Finally moving towards the third step, it should be focused towards leveraging all that trust and turning your visitors into leads via content upgrades. Provide an option for a free bonus, expanding on the topic of the blog post. The major point here is that your content upgrade should be clearly tied into the same issue the post is solving.  With the help of the digital marketing companies in Delhi, India, you can increase your sales and leads with minimum investment. 


So, these were a few of the digital marketing funnels that online marketing companies are in India can help you to implement and help you grow your business with a higher number of conversions and return on investment. These funnels are easy to execute. However, some of these may involve no more than just changing how you position your existing offers. 

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