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The connection of SQL to Android App Development

22nd Nov 2017

All those who are related to the Android app development or any other development then they would be completely familiar with the term SQL. Others who aren’t familiar, it stands for “Structured Query Language” and the term is used to the language in cases of storing and getting the data back in a database.
If you have heard about this particular then there is chance that you have also come across the terms, SQLite, Oracle, MySQL, SQL server and so on.

In reality, they aren’t the programming languages on their own but the types of databases which utilize the SQL.

The Syntax is different for each but the SQL is a very important one on its own which must be learned only when you have interest in the Android app development. The use of this language is done in the development of a wide array of applications, such as the Android apps.

MySQL, SQLite, and its Use

The use of SQL is done permanently by SQLite to store data for applications while MySQL is on the servers which utilize SQL for the web applications. The data gets more organized and in a more logical way which can be accessed easily if the known commands are involved. The data then can be utilized in the development of the app on its own. 

The algorithms applied are different all across the big sets of data and the info gathered from the users. Although there are other ways too still it won’t be as easy as SQL and for the same, it has succeeded over Codasyl and become as the industry standard.

Uses of SQL

a) The complexity of SQL is not much like that of Java. The concept of this is quite close to that of the spreadsheet and even to the HTML. The data just have to be entered into the table and the relevant data will be extracted just be putting various filters to it.

b) A list of tables can also be seen just like the ones seen in the Excel which goes by the name of the relational database. The arrangement of data is done in the form of rows and columns. Thereafter, different operations or the filters can also be applied to it. The database of the SQL may store the customer’s list with details like sex (gender), number, name, and age.

c) You can adopt that alias to extricate a special character and use the same to get up a special person to convince them of buying the product which is yours.

d) For an Android game, one could easily use the SQLite and the data of the player can be easily stored which also includes the high scores. Also, the SQL server can also be used in data collection of shopping preferences of users from different applications and sell it, thereby monetizing it.

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