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Spoiler Alert: Mobile Version of the Site to Face Changes. Click here to know! - Blog - Fourtek IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Spoiler Alert: Mobile Version of the Site to Face Changes. Click here to know!

5th September

The year 2016 saw back-to-back updates on search algorithms and  SERPs. The last update of the year where Google decided to launch an individual mobile search index which shall become the primary index. Although the effectiveness of the index will take time to come up completely still Google’s Gary Illyes advised the SEOs and webmasters to buckle up and stay prepared. On the same, he did share few of the imported which we are going to share here in this article. This change was first disclosed by Google in the year 2016 but the complete impact of the same is still going to take time.

Further, the change is prompted by a certain fact that after 2015, nearly half of the searches that take place in Google happen on the mobile devices. Therefore, when there is a certain change that shall take place due to the searches of the mobile devices, Google will use the content of the mobile version content to consider for the primary ranking and hence the rank result will take place due to it only despite the searches done on the desktop.

The biggest challenge to be faced in the making of this change was that the mobile web comes with fewer signals for the Google to utilize.

Illyes also said that the mobile web comes with fewer tokens as compared to the desktop. Here, the links and content are very less. Moreover, the meta data is quite less in comparison to what desktop sites have. The aim as told by him was quality-neutral launch and that Google does not want the users to be the witness of any loss in quality of the search results. Therefore, the signals are to be replaced which have been missing the world of mobile web.

To check on the same, Google is still on the progress path of developing a new page speed measuring procedure which will be specific to the mobile sites as the desktop page speed measurement does not fit in.

Also, there is a  to-do list which was offered by  Gary Illyes for the SEOs and commencement of the preparation of the same is highly recommended. Read ahead to know more -

1. It is important that the mobile site is ensured of a high-quality content for which you to good ranking.
2. Also, making sure of the structured data on the mobile version of your site is highly recommended.
3. Rel-annotations on the mobile version of the site have to be made sure by the SEOs or else the ranking may face a negative impact.

There will be further guidance that will be shared by the Google regarding the Mobile site improvement in the near future. Fourtek, a trusted name in the Digital marketing world is what you need to consider. They are the real pioneers in providing innovative SEO services. If you are on a hunt for a real deal, a cup of coffee with their highly trained professionals can change and make a lot.

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