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Latest to-Trend Eye-Grabbing Web Designs this Year


As each passing year takes away many trends with it, another approaching year opens doors to unlock new possibilities and trends. Talking of web design, it can be assumed that web design is a dynamic field, is more prone to latest developments and designs. Listed below are some of the web designing trends that will be more prominent this year-

1) No more pop-ups and interstitials: As known to us, Google is the main controlling force behind each and every site activity. But it recently announced that it will take strict action over such sites that use such tactics that annoy users. Owing to the directions issued by Google, it is possible that websites will present a more improved and user-friendly interface for their users.

2) Unusual grid layout on web pages: This year will follow unusual web designing trends this year. Drifting away from the usual webpage layout, many new websites will available to the users bearing content, pictures and dynamic content in an interesting layout.

3) Less distractive animations: Although designers went over the conventions of web designing and animation to decorate a page with every possible animation last year this year the designers will be looking forward to web pages that do not bear unnecessary animations that can distract users. Every web designing company will take great care maintaining animation driven content that is being served on the website.

4) Use of Sharp Gradient: This is a trend that almost every web designing company will count upon. Adding more sharpness to the existing gradient of your website will not just make it more noticeable but you will be able to add extra eye catchy and subtle gradients to your web pages.

5) Use of Diagonal section breaks: A new trend has recently emerged in which horizontal breaks are being used as slanting divides opposite to what it is usually followed on web pages. This whole new perspective, or molding the webpage and dividing it in half which is not actually symmetrical half, will add an unusual and appealing look to the web pages.

6) Brighter and Bolder color scheme: More appealing and experimental color schemes will be in fashion this year as compared to soft and subtle color schemes. These color schemes may contain unusual color combinations which may attract a large number of visitors on a webpage.

7) More interactive Story-telling: All a web designing company wants is, to simply let the customers connect to the content on the webpage on their own. Neither too much animation nor cluttered content will help them achieve this. Therefore the best way to make their webpage more appealing is to simply connect their use a method that relates the content, graphics, and animations on a webpage in such a way that the user doesn’t have to click extra tabs for understanding the context of the webpage content.

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