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How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business?

As LinkedIn is becoming one of the booming platforms for businesses to promote their businesses, you can also use this platform to promote yours. Although there have been many changes introduced in the platform recently, it is becoming one of the major social media platforms to promote products, services, and brand that everyone deals with.

Most of the people know that this platform is a business-focused networking website that allows people to create roadmaps for their careers, however, very few people that it can also be used to promote businesses. As educated people can explore opportunities to develop their careers by applying for vacant positions in the companies, people can also use this platform to make the users aware of their businesses. There are features in this social media networking site that allows you to interact and build a cordial relationship with the audience personally.

Considered to be a useful tool, here’s how you can promote your business through LinkedIn and target your potential clients:

Creating a profile for your company:

First of all, when you are using a platform like LinkedIn, you will have to ensure all the business details are updated accurately. To do so, you will have to create a profile for your business on the platform. You will have to come up with a page that will contain all the beneficial information for your company. You can also refer to the tutorial to know more about the process on how to create a profile in LinkedIn.

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Using polls in LinkedIn

Picking up the right brains and understand how your target audience thinks can be done using the LinkedIn Polls. Whenever you are trying to build a business, you must know how your audience thinks and expects from you. You can create polls and circulate them to a specific set of people or audience and ask for their opinions. Then, you can analyze the results by getting the real-time data from the polls and know what your audience is expecting from your business.

Answering specific questions

Sharing your knowledge, experience, and expertise will help you in gaining the trust of the people to a significant extent. As there will be many users connected to your company’s profile, they can use your expertise or knowledge to solve their issues. If not, they will ask you specific questions that you can answer using your understanding. This will help you in promoting your business globally through LinkedIn.

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Participating in Groups

As you would be a member of numerous groups within the LinkedIn platform, you will have to leverage the membership by taking part in useful discussions and debates that happen out there. Every time you tend to participate in a discussion or conversation, your company’s profile picture and name will be included in the comments section or chat. This will help your company in getting visibility amongst the users in that group.

Creating useful groups

When you are promoting your company in LinkedIn, creating a group with your brand name and allowing clients or colleagues to start discussions of the industry that you are dealing will be helpful. It’s the best way to promote your company and make it recognizable in the market.

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Leaving Status updates

Using the field of the status field on your company’s profile and making announcements will be helpful to you to promote companies. You can also add some special discounts, sales, provide tips, and share valuable links to make it more useful.

Asking for appropriate recommendations

If you want to promote your company’s products and services, you must ask for recommendations from the audience that you are dealing with. This will help you in gaining their trust, which in turn, will help you in fetching qualify leads. For example, whenever you are buying certain products or opting for a company’s services, you tend to read reviews of that particular product or about the company. This helps you to decide if choosing the products and services will be beneficial for you.

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Similarly, when you are selling products and services in online platforms, you can ask for the recommendations from your audience. These recommendations and reviews will be listed on your company’s profile unless any clients request you to remove those. Also, maximizing the use of these recommendations functions by providing testimonials will help you in getting a good name in the market.


For every company, advertisement plays a crucial role in deciding the fate of the company. With the help of LinkedIn DirectAds, you can also start an advertising campaign to promote your company globally. If you are targeting specific geography, audience, job function, experience, industry, size of the company, gender, age, etc., you can also include those in your advertisements.

Also, you can start drip campaigns on the groups that you are part of, indirectly promoting your company or service, so that the visibility improves. As many people visit your company’s profile, the bandwidth of conversion rates goes higher. So, make sure that you come up with the right strategic plan to advertise your company in LinkedIn. Also, you can get in touch with the experts who can help you in making an effective LinkedIn promotional strategy.

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Posting Job Opportunities

As you are running a business, you cannot manage everything all by yourself. You will need individuals who can run the business for you and help you in establishing yourself as a brand. If you are hiring employees, interns, or contractors, try to post any job opportunities in LinkedIn. This will help you in spreading the word across the clients and candidates that you are running a business and are exploring opportunities in the platform. You can also ask them to go through your company’s profile and understand your business when they are applying.

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Using the LinkedIn app to promote companies or businesses is one of the best strategies that are used by most of the companies nowadays. With so much information available, it helps you to quickly analyze the audience’s reaction to your business and the impact that your company has on them. This will help you in establishing yourselves as a brand and dominate the market quickly.

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