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How to Make Your Own Shopping App like Amazon? - Blog - Fourtek IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
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How to Make Your Own Shopping App like Amazon?

Amazon would not have grown into what it is today without its online shopping wing. E-commerce is booming currently and window shopping is the new trend among the masses. Shopping cart based applications have given birth to the online marketplace. Here consumers find an unlimited assortment of products that they can buy from the comfort of their home. Retailers of all sizes are now taking to some sort of internet outreach like social media, website, and online shopping car to reach a larger customer base. E-commerce platforms are great for capturing mobile users as potential buyers.

Are you thinking to build your own e-cart application like Amazon? Then read this article till the very end to make it big on the internet. At first, you need to know how to begin e-commerce and develop an application for the same. Many entrepreneurs are still searching for ways to build the business app. below is a step by step guide which helps you to create an e-commerce website for your business. 

Studies have predicted that within the next few years mobile applications for business will be in great demand as a majority of them will migrate to the online form. It will offer them greater exposure and a larger market along with exceptional ROI. 

If you plan to leverage the market comprising of a huge number of mobile users but don’t want to stretch your budget too much in the initial stage then you are suggested to simply buy a readymade application and get it customized as per your requirements. It will save you both time and money and allow you to quickly set up your business and start operating. 

If you think that you can afford to spend adequate time and resources and wish to roll out a unique business platform for your target audience then seek help from a reputed E-commerce app development company. 

Shopping application is a great way for reaching out to a huge audience of potential buyers and this mode has higher sales conversion rates as well. Business owners are cashing the craze of online shopping among the masses. Businesses are witnessing a significant improvement in sales numbers by selling through apps like Amazon

Things to be aware of while creating an e-commerce website like Amazon

The following are some of the steps which you needed to follow if you are planning of creating your own application for selling your products globally. 


At first, you need to plan properly before setting up the application. Be clear about what you want to sell and who will be your potential consumers. You need to plan well before developing an application. Advertise all your products and services in your application so that customers can easily find what they need. 

Integrate advanced technology

Be prepared to accept and integrate new technologies to keep your application updated. It also aids in making your application scalable. You should make provision right from the initial stages so that future technologies can be easily incorporated without the need for manipulation. Some of the technologies that will find use in multiple areas are voice commands, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, IoT, virtual reality and more. If you have an existing e-commerce application then also you can implement these features to make it more intuitive. 

Start small

Never make the mistake of beginning with a wide array of products keep your product line-up small. First focus on establishing your brand online and earn repute among customers. You can also begin by operating locally as it would help you gain more popularity and trust. 

Do a bit of research about your competitors

Once you have made up your mind to sell your products through online platforms the next important thing is the evaluation of the competitors. You should have a clear idea about all the start-up companies in the same industry and how they operate. This will help you in offering your customers something better than others. 

This essential if you want to survive in this hugely populated market. Your shopping app will only stand out if visitors find it more appealing and convenient to use. Study m-commerce applications and see what they are offering to attract buyers. These studies will aid in developing a perfect application that will have a lasting impact on consumers. 

Select essential features

When you are trying to create an online shopping application like Amazon for your own business be clear as to what you want your buyers to do once they enter your app. Include essential features like product list, search, easy navigation, quicker checkout, easy registration, multiply payment options, push notifications, etc. Once you have decided what users will do after visiting your app adds features accordingly. 

Understand the profile of your customer

Be clear about the profile of your customer and their taste. Nowadays people’s choice of products is changing rapidly and it is impacting how companies sell their products. Make good use of different social media platforms to advertise your app and products. These are the ways of increasing the visibility of your online shopping app. 

Use user-friendly registration/login 

When a potential buyer walks into your shop for being a product you must not overwhelm the person by asking his personal details. The same goes for online shopping allow guest visitors to browse through your products and when he is interested in buying something direct to the account creation link. Keep your registration process short and simple otherwise, a longer procedure might offend first-timers and you will end up losing customers. 

Safe and Secure Payment Gateway

Consumers must feel safe as they make a monetary transaction on your app. incorporate stringent security systems to ensure that their personal data stays safe. 

Appealing User-interface

Try to make your application visually attractive as it plays an important role in enticing buyers. Focus on creating a design that is aesthetic and also represents your brand. If you are hiring a design agency for this purpose focus on the following aspects

Perfect placement of the company logo to enhance visibility

  • Interesting product display

  • Easy to use interface

  • Search Feature

Ensure that the e-commerce template you are using has a search option embedded into it. It is a crucial component of every shopping app and allows buyers to quickly look for the products they want. It also serves as a learning block as you get to know the preference of your clients. 

Selection of the Platform

The platform is very important to develop a sustainable online shopping app. Do detailed market research to check what kind of platform is best suited for your business and target audience. Based on your findings from the research you can decide whether to opt for Android or iOS. At present, it is good to opt for both. It is an important sage of every mobile app development process.

 Excellent Customer Assistance

Maintain great customer support to enhance the experience of your customers as they use your app for shopping. There should always be an executive to help them out in case of any glitches or technical failures. You can either keep customer support active during normal office hours or round the clock. Some companies are also using chatbots o help clients resolve technical issues. 

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