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How to Make a Dating App like Tinder?

How to Make a Dating App like Tinder?

There numerous dating apps in the market but Tinder became an instant success right after its launch. If you are thinking about building your very own dating app then you are at the right place. Here you will find a detailed description of cost, resources and time required to build a dating app similar to Tinder. Read this article until the very end to know more about the steps of building a dating app.

An overview of Tinder

To begin with, Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps globally. For the last couple of years, this app is topping the charts of the most popular mobile app. It has been on every body’s phone due to its revolutionary swipe right and swipe left function. Online dating apps like Bumble, Coffee meets Bagel and Tinder is making online dating easier than ever. People no longer go out for dates and feel shy when meeting someone for the first time. Tinder has a unique attribute known as the gaming spirit. It entirely eliminates the traditional stigma of online dating by means of clever gamification.


Features to incorporate in an app like Tinder

The cost and time required to develop a dating app is directly proportional to the type and set of features incorporated into it.  Tinder is based upon location, while competitors use the traditional method of surveys and personal information.

Let’s take a look at the basic features of Tinder

Logging into the app

The login procedure is quite straightforward; users can either use their Facebook account or phone number. Tinder uses a set of specially designed algorithms to extract basic information of the user from Facebook. This eliminates the need for traditional form-filling to create an account.


All basic information about the user is imported from Facebook or entered manually. In the next step profile photo and a brief description are added. Typically a Tinder profile displays brief description, Location, age, mutual interests, and Mutual friends on Facebook,


Swipe is Tinder's iconic feature and the main reason behinds its success. This feature was designed to enhance the procedure of searching for a date. A right swipe means like and left means dislike. Tinder’s swipeable interface makes dating more convenient and engaging.


Tinder gives great importance to proximity. The app is aimed at connecting people based on their present location. Geo-location plays a key role in the functioning of this application it constantly gathers user location every time a user logs into his/her account.

Discovery Options

Tinder users have the option to adjust their discovery settings based upon distance, age, and sex. In the free version, the user is allowed to put a search radius less than 10 miles.


A match is made only when users put mutual likes. Users can begin chatting after a match is made.

Integrated Social Media support

Tinder lets users integrate their Instagram and Snapchat profiles along with their dating accounts. This promotes more interactions and conversations within the app.

Real-time Chat

Just after users are matched a private chat opens up. On Tinder users can like messages, send gifs and add emojis.


This feature is a “must-have” for every mobile app and especially dating apps. It ensures that the user will frequently return and remain engaged with the platform. Tinder will send notifications for new app updates, messages and matches.

How to create something Unique?

You are trying to build something which will compete with the li9kes of Tinder but not an exact copy. You can even develop something which will be more optimized and better than Tinder.

  • Advanced Ai Algorithms- AI algorithms integrated into dating apps aid in a quicker understanding of human preferences and match up users automatically.
  • Spam Detector – Spam messages greatly impact the image of an application. A spam detector sends a notification every time a message sent to multiple users at the same time.
  • Risk score- Risk scores enhance the credibility of an app at the time of signing up. With AI-assisted systems, apps perform ID verification and generate a risk score. This feature prevents catfishing and promotes a reliable environment apt for dating.


How to earn money form a dating App?

Although the majority of the dating apps are accessible for free there are huge scopes for the admin to earn money. Below are listed some of the most appropriate ways of making money from a dating app service.


It is a popular means of earning form mobile apps. With the freemium plan, users have access to several features within a dating app. Users require to pay extra if they wish to send GIFs or use custom emojis. Freemium plans allow users to make use of specific features without any time constraint.


Paid Subscriptions

Subscription plans are the most commonly used method of monetization. Users get paid subscription for accessing premium features for a preset amount of time. Memberships range between monthly, quarterly or yearly plans. The perfect time to take up the subscription strategy is when the app already enjoys a huge customer base.

You can offer different subscription programs each with a specific set of features. Special subscription plans can be offered during festive seasons it will help in bringing significant amounts of revenue. Tinder too has a couple of successful subscription plans namely Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus.

If a user mistakenly dislikes a profile, Tinder plus and Gold Users can take back their last swipe using the rewind option. Other features include unlimited swipe, location change, super likes, smart photos and many more. The basic free version also has sufficient functionality to give users an exceptional dating experience.


In-app advertisements are a great way to make money. If an app has excess non-paying users this method always works to generate adequate revenue. For dating apps, native advertising is the most suitable way as it enhances the performance of the app. The cost of an in-app advertisement on Tinder is $5000. The best part about Tinder advertisement is that they do not i9nterrupt user experience.

Third-Party Services and Gifts

Some of the dating app services sell products like chocolates, flowers, greeting cards, etc. This is one clever and profitable way of making money particularly during occasions like Valentine’s Day or International Woman’s Day.

You can also choose to offer third party services like restaurant table bookings, app-cab bookings, etc. If the user’s plan a date via the application dating apps still have another chance to make some profit.


Be prepared to handle glitches at regular intervals

There are numerous common issues associated with dating apps. The greatest hurdle is the lack of trusted users, marketing strategies, an advanced method of creating trust in an online platform.

How to realize your dream of creating worthy Dating Software?

High risks are associated with start-up ventures, developing a Lean Canvas lets entrepreneurs get their business model validated.

How much does it cost to develop a Dating App like Tinder?

The time and cost of building an application depend upon its complexity, charge of the development company, feature set and more. An estimated 2255 hours is needed for creating an app for iOS Platforms and 2271 hours for Android compatible app.

Apart from that, if you want your own dating app like tinder then Fourtek can help you to develop custom mobile apps with its high quality mobile app development services. For more information kindly visit their website.

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