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How to develop video editing apps like Magisto

There is no denying the fact that as mobile phones got 'smarter', many aspects of day to day life got relatively easier. For example, earlier for obtaining an image or a video of superior quality one had to rely on a professional DSLR camera. Nowadays, most of the standard smartphone cameras are equivalent to it. Moreover, after taking these pictures and videos, one had to transfer them to a laptop or computer to edit it and make it more striking before posting it anywhere. Even that function can be completely done with a click of a few buttons on a smartphone as editing apps have come out in galore in the market. There has been enough evidence that suggests that people prefer viewing videos on their phones more than any other device. The easy portability and on-the-go features contribute significantly to it.


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There are many video editing apps that are present in the market these days. However, not all of them have been able to capture the interests of the audience whole-heartedly. Some kind of inconvenient features has proven to be hindering. One exception to it though is an app called Magisto. Though it is relatively new, it has taken the market by storm and is expected to be valued at $25 billion by the year 2021. This is enough testimony of the fact that there is still scope in this particular niche. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure the points to be kept in mind when developing a video editing application like Magisto. The details have been shared below-


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Creating your own application

If statistics are anything to go by, there has been a significant increase in the number of people capturing and editing videos on their smartphones. They all started at the bottom itself and slowly got the necessary funding from various sources to reach the level that they are at today. This can instill enough positivity that there is still scope for more. Here are a few aspects that should be considered while creating an app like Magisto -

Planning the main idea behind it -  there is a very famous saying 'failing to plan is equivalent to planning to fail'. This is applicable while developing a video editing app as well. You need to give a lot of importance to understand the concepts of development and how it can be used to create something extraordinary. There are a lot of things to be considered in detail. Ensure that you have a good grasp on all of it.

The audience being targeted - it is true that you should not make the application for a particular age group. However, it is always better to choose the preferential target audience. Youthful people are generally enthusiastic about using applications of these kinds. You should include features that are exciting and run-of-the-box in order to capture their imagination.

Features to be included - the features are the heart and soul of any video editing application. Therefore, you need to put in a lot of thought into it. How will the capture be, what filters need to be integrated, how will it make the presentation of the video better, all of these should be brainstormed about beforehand itself.

Uniqueness - when you develop a video editing application, you have to ensure that it stands out from among the crowd. This is even more significant as there are already multiple applications that do the same job. Include something that has never been done before and it will certainly grab eyeballs for all the right reasons.

Ways to make money out of it- after the application is completely developed, how can revenue be generated from it is the next big question. At the end of the day, that is what most application intends to do. Sponsorships for displaying ads is one common way of doing so. However, use these ads judiciously. If they pop up while taking a video, the user can get irritated and stop using the application altogether. You can opt for a paid version which will give them more unique features and generate some revenues.

Integration with social media- in the modern world, it is an absolute requirement. The reason most people make videos these days is to upload it on social media. Once you integrate the application with it, the sharing process becomes much easier. This is something that the youthful generation is always looking forward to. Gain some necessary brownie points by doing this.


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Features that should be included in developing a video editing application like Magisto-

Development of proper user panel- this is basically the panel from which you can control the entire application. It is undoubtedly one of the most important features that need to be included. It contains various key aspects like sign-up, verification etcetera. It is also important from the storage and accessibility point of view

Analysis in real-time- this will basically do statistical analysis about a number of things. For example, the number of users who are paid while the number of free users is an important consideration for knowing your real position in the market.

Ability to edit old videos- a feature should be included in the application which not only helps you take videos and edit it but also pick up old videos from the archives and subject it to favorable editing. Thus, the utility of the application will increase manifolds. All the old and dilapidated videos can be revived using this method.

Proper gateway for payment- when someone gets stuck in the payment gateway they tend to lose their patient easily and opt-out of it. Since revenue generation is a major aspect of application development, make sure that the payment gateway works seamlessly.

Proper integration of sound effects- a video is also majorly enhanced by the kind of audio that is present. For some, keeping the original background audio might be enough while some want something nice and unique to be included in it. Whatever be the requirement and want, the application should be able to provide it. Even when integration of the original sound is taking place, it should be recorded in superior quality.

Introduction of artificial intelligence- artificial intelligence is a part of almost everything these days. Its use in video editing applications cannot be overlooked. The application can take up images and videos automatically and use them to create videos on their own which are meaningful and entertaining. It is one of the unique features that can be integrated into the development of the application as a whole.

Filters- filters can make videos look more appealing to the eyes. Other aspects like the brightness, contrast, temperature, hue etcetera can also be managed using different filters. Therefore, make sure that there are a number of options available. Instagram was definitely the trendsetter in this aspect.


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Cost of developing an application like Magisto- there are a number of factors that govern the cost. The number of hours put into work, the manpower, the kind of features etcetera is all determining factors. It generally ranges from $10,000 to $30,000.


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Follow the above-mentioned tips and you will find creating a video editing application like Magisto to be relatively simpler.

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