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How to develop Apps like Whisper?

Being anonymous can be beneficial at times because it allows an individual to share their problems which are similar to others on a public platform without being judged. It always feels great to be able to speak your heart out without worrying about its consequences. Becoming a faceless, nameless individual and keeping your privacy in a chat is indeed quite satisfying. There are a number of anonymous chat apps like Secret App and Whisper which provide similar experiences.

This article talks about Whisper and the need for more such apps. Read this article completely to get a clear idea about the basics of creating a mobile application similar to Whisper.


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What Is The Exact Purpose of The Whisper And Secret App?

These are apps used by users to communicate with one another while keeping their identity anonymous. Let’s talk about what these applications actually do

Whisper is free to download a mobile app that is available on both iOS and Android platforms it allows users to remain completely anonymous. This is the kind of social networking app where users send and receive messages from one another without knowing who they are. The best part about Whisper is that text messages sent by users are laid over an image to make look like a greeting card to the receiver.

With these, the users can express themselves without being judged for their thoughts and can connect with others who share a similar mindset. People also get an opportunity to explore new things as they can share anything from stories, thoughts, and feelings with the rest of the community without being humiliated.

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Eventually, the user develops a strong bonding eighth in the community that becomes a source of moral support for individuals. These apps do not ask for any profile pictures or email accounts and users do not require any identity verifications. Also, the users do not have any followers or friends to communicate with one another by responding to posts written by others.

Recently these have gained immense popularity, especially among young adults because they get a reliable platform to share their private stories without feeling uncomfortable. Here they do not have to feel bullied, humiliated or judged but they get an opportunity to share their thoughts and stories. Whisper acts as a buffer that allows users to speak their minds out without any fear.

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Why There Is A Requirement For Such Apps?

The posts on Whisper range from being confessional, embarrassing and at times endearing but now get to know the sender. These apps turned out to be successful because at present people need to unburden themselves of incidences and instances which they are unable to share with anyone. A study recorded Whisper gets around 17 billion views every month. This app is available across 187 countries. There is a huge demand for these kinds of apps due to the following reasons

  1. Users get a sense of Security – These apps have evolved into a place of gossip and leaking secrets but are also safe at the same time. Users can share anything and everything they want without any fear. One can safely share their thoughts and post on matters close to their hearts without being bullied, intimidated or harassed.
  2. Broaden the Horizon – Users can learn about different experiences, cultures, and occasions via such real-time chatting apps. Here it’s very easy to find people with similar experiences and thoughts. It helps in broadening our views towards life.
  3. Time Management – In real-world situations, it is not always possible to share our ideas with someone particularly in a situation when you are multitasking. Whisper allows users to share their thoughts while being anonymous.
  4. Difficulty with Social skills – Every one of us is not blessed with excellent social skills. Often people are found to be lacking the ability to express themselves in real-life interactions and publicly that are significant. Such kind of chat room services provides people a way to communicate with others without getting humiliated.

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If you are thinking of creating an app like Whisper then keep the following points in mind

  • Duration of creating an anonymous social sharing app

Usually, it takes around 4 to 5 weeks to build such an app from scratch. But there are other factors that determine the time required for making an anonymous social sharing app like its feature list, platform, etc.

  • What should be the minimum specification for such an application?

Anonymous confessional chatting apps allow the user to post their thoughts without disclosing their identity to the other users but their posts can be viewed publicly. Also, other users communicate with each other by reacting to their posts.

  • How to make money from an app similar to Whisper?

The mobile app of all sorts has plenty of options that can be used for earning revenue. You can also integrate the following features to be able to make money from it.

  •   In-App Purchases It is one of the most common ways of making money from a mobile app. Put a few in-app-purchase   options into your app which are often used by the users.
  •  Rewards/Price/Point System
  • Advertisements are used by every app developer/owner to earn revenue. Companies utilize apps as a platform to reach out to their target audience.

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Cost of App Development

The expense of developing an app like Whisper depends upon several factors. First is the motive of the owner behind the development of the app one must be clear about the purpose of the application and start accordingly. Experience and technical knowledge also play a key role in the development process. If you do not adequate knowledge you can either choose to learn from a reputed source which will take some time or else hire a mobile app development company for the same. The inclusion of features and its platform also impacts the time taken to completely prepare an application.
Usually, developers use a readymade template for most mobile apps if you want your app to stand out then it is best to start building from scratch. The more intuitive and appealing your app would be the faster it would grow. Integrated technologies and algorithms also affect the time taken to develop a new application.

The selection of the platform affects the cost of app development. Nowadays apps are prepared to be compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. Last but not least is investment before starting off with your idea to have a clear idea of the cost and arrange your funds accordingly.

Always have an entrepreneurial approach to work and implement ideas at the time of app development. If you are considering hiring app development services always hire companies with adequate knowledge in this field. They know exactly the ingredients needed to develop an app like Whisper.

Anonymous social networking apps have gained immense popularity in the last couple of years. Young adults have found these as the most appropriate ways of sharing their thoughts and ideas without getting bullied, humiliated or intimidated by anyone. Anonymous chatting services keep people from being judged at their home or workplace due to their thoughts and experiences. Here people get a chance to unburden their heads and speak anything and everything without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. Users can now share intimate things with millions of others.

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