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How to Develop an App like Viber

Instant messaging apps became hugely popular among mobile users for quick communication. One of the most prominent apps that have transformed the way of interpersonal communication is Viber. It is one of the most popular chatting apps in the world.

Several companies are willing to incorporate applications like Viber to offer their customers a convenient way of sharing messages with each other in real-time. People who have experienced Viber are craving for similar apps with a more sophisticated set of features.


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History of Viber’s Making

During the second half of 2010, Viber was launched for iPhone users and as a direct competitor to Skype. The company was headed by four Israeli partners Sani Maroli, Ofer Smocha, Talmon Marco and Igor Megzinik. Later they decided to launch Viber for Android Platform as well, which was rolled out in 2011. At first, a restricted version was made available which can be used by only a certain number of users. It became an instant hit and was appreciated for its simplicity Viber was then launched for Windows and Blackberry platforms during mid-2012. The full version of Viber for Android was out by July 2012.


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Why Viber was so successful - Features and Functionality

The functionality of the app varied depending upon the platform it is being run. After the installation, it would ask the user to create an account and the phone number is the username. Viber accesses the phone’s local list of contact and integrates in the app.

Users do not require to login to the app to share messages, images or to share voice calls via 3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks. The software is compatible with almost every desktop and mobile platform which includes Windows and macOS. The software also supports around 30 regional languages.


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How to develop Apps like Viber

The requirement for real-time exchange of text and multimedia messages has boosted the growth of app development for Android platforms. Every chat application needs to have a wide variety of features to provide users an immersive experience. From the time of Viber’s launch technologies have also evolved a lot. Currently features like spontaneous conversations have become standard with every application.

With more and more updated features being implemented in chat apps, developers are now coming up with new ideas to further enhance user experience. Each app now available in the app store has distinct attributes and customized architecture to surprise users.


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Technologies needed for Instant Messaging Apps


It is one of the best readily available chat app developers with improved scalability. It can be used for replicating multiple data centers simultaneously and offers easier data outage instances.


It is considered as the most superior programming language used for building the top-rated real-time chat apps like Wechat, Whatsapp, etc. It is a generic language that is most suitable for developing Android chat applications with an intuitive user interface and great usability.

Amazon Simple Storage Service

Amazon cold storage service is the best suited platform for powering instant messaging services. Amazon S3 provides security along with scalable cloud storage for saving data which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Ideal futures for a chat App

To ensure the success of an instant chat app it is important to understand the need of the target user you will have to incorporate something which was never a part of such an application before. Adding features that are most desired by users can make it even more appealing to users. In order to develop an application like Viber, it must be kept in mind that the app is not solely meant for text messages the requirements of consumers have changed over time and they love to be surprised with new updates in the form go unexpected features.

Here are some of the features that should be implemented to make the application perform more efficiently


Real-time chatting apps come in handy because it allows quick exchange of messages and millennial find it great for communicating with their peers. Hence the app must support direct connectivity for users.

Good Quality Conversation

The app should support one-to-one and group chat like every other instant messaging app. The group conversation feature must provide quality conversation and easy of sharing media (documents, images, videos, location, etc.)

Security Features

Whether you are developing the app by yourself or hire an agency take necessary measures to offer high security in your application. It is the responsibility of the admin to provide users a safe and reliable platform without any risk of losing privacy to third party organizations.
Presence and Availability indicators

That chat should be laced with clear presence indicators which is a “must-have” feature for instant communication services. There are a bunch of status signals to indicate the availability of the user like In meeting, On Break, Online, Offline, Be Back, away, etc.

Video and voice calling support

Messaging services like Skype, Whatsapp, and Skype allow users to make voice calls via their app. Skype supports video calling feature right from its inception. Conference calls, team voice/video calls are some of the features which make a chatting app suitable for business use. This improves its scalability and makes it more usable.

Search Options

The presence of a search option makes every app more convenient to use. Users can also look for conversations about the recent past. It provides a quick way to find and access specific contact without browsing the entire list. Conversations can be searched based on shared data and numbers.

Favorite Contact List

An instant messaging application is aimed at powering the user to do more. By adding contacts into the favorite list, users get to enjoy a more personalized experience. It is also helpful for business use as frequently used contacts readily available which reduces the time for searching contacts and speeds up operations.

User Profile

This is one of the most important features of a y chatting application as it lets the user create a virtual profile comprising of their personal details, photographs and short description or stylish status.

There are endless possibilities that can be explored in the process of developing an instant messaging app like Viber. Technologies are evolving every day and there is always a scope for adding something new each time an update is given to the app. You can consider a host of new features to your real-time chat app to make stand out of the crowd. Try to give an intuitive experience to your users with the quickest and most personalized communication.

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Mobile apps have revolutionized the way people used to communicate and share their ideas with one another. These apps also come in handy when it comes to sharing documents, images, videos, locations, contacts, etc. Although the market is already flooded with an abundance of instant messaging apps all of them are not utilizable.

Apps that offer good features and deliver remarkable performance only manage to become popular. Viber managed to make a prominent place in this market due to its functionality and ease of use. The free voice call feature is one of the major reasons behind its success. The quality and clarity of voice calls are undoubtedly the best in business. If you are planning to build a Viber clone make sure to offer both functionality and quality only then you will be to create a sustainable real-time chatting app.

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