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How to Build a Taxi Booking App like Uber? - Blog - Fourtek IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
Taxi App

How to Build a Taxi Booking App like Uber?

Are you aware of the fact that at present around 90% of Smartphone users prefer to use a cab booking app? The popularity of this application is growing rapidly and in recent times this has been equipped with a lot more functionality. There is a number of taxi booking apps in the market currently but when users were asked to pick their favourite it was either Ola or Uber.

Previously taxi services use to be an expensive affair ‘Uber’ was successful in making it a necessity in the lives of the common people by easy availability and affordable pricing. They to some extent disrupted the business of traditional taxi operators as well. At present, the business model can be applied to almost every business to make it successful. It is needless to say that On-demand solutions have gained immense popularity and are fast becoming a way of life.

Taxi App Business Flow

 A service like Uber gave all the convenience to users of booking a cab with ease from their Smartphone without worrying about the fare. The traditional cab is infamous for rejecting passengers and overcharging. Moreover here customers have the option to choose between a variety of rides according to their preference and the fair is charged accordingly.

 Cab booking via application soon became a default option for many because it promised to charge the exact fair every time you book a taxi. To add to this convenience an estimated fare is displayed every time pickup and drop off points are selected.

On-demand services exploited the possible ways to please their clients and propelled their way towards success.

Taxi Booking App Builder

Why People are prefer booking cabs online over the traditional way?

App-based cab services became an instant success due to its high demands and at present entrepreneurs are planning to devise effective to meet the demand.

However, to get the best results it is always helpful to work around the same business model as Uber

  • Take a deep insight into the industry with a progressive approach
  • Try to develop a sustainable business model to aggregate the requirement in the form of a web-based application for fleet operators and riders.
  • Arrange for a distributed supply chain to meet the expectations of your clientele.
  • Focus on retaining customers and work accordingly.

Around the world entrepreneurs associated with car-rental businesses are looking for Uber-like clone apps and the demand is steadily increasing. Today fleet operators are trying to enhance their existing cab service with advanced technologies. But most of them do not have a clear idea about how to build one.

Before you begin developing a taxi-booking app like Uber keep the following aspects in mind

  • Features you want to incorporate in the application
  • The most suitable revenue model for your business
  • Cost of developing the application

Features that should be mandatory for an Uber clone application which will open up potential scopes for your business

  • Driver application
  • Passenger Application
  • Dispatch details panel
  • Fleet details panel
  • Owner Panel

Features that must be a part of the Passenger App

Registration of Passenger

The user should easily be able to sign up into the portal with email, mobile number or their social media accounts.

Booking a cab

The passenger must be able to book a cab immediately

Estimation of the Fare

The app must easily get the approximate fare details after the user has entered the pickup & drop points.

Fare payment System

There should be multiple payment options like cash, credit/debit card, e-wallet, etc. for the convenience of the rider.

Driver Tracking System

The passenger should have all the information about the driver of the booked cab and their pickup and drop destinations at the same time.

Notification alerts

The rider is provided with real-time updates via SMS, notifications, and e-mails.

Driver Rating

The rider can easily give ratings based on the performance of the driver. Such recommendations will also help in improving the quality of service over time.


The passenger can save frequently used locations for easy & quick booking cabs.

Trip History Records of all the trips taken will be saved in the application.

All the above-mentioned features are to ensure that the passenger gets a hassle-free riding experience every time they chose to book a cab through your application.

Cab App Work

Features necessary for the Driver Application

Verification of Driver Profile

Easy processing of service requests once the driver uploads all the necessary documents and gets them verified through the portal.

Driver Boarding

Drivers can easily get themselves registered.


Drivers can set their availability status and they will be relayed service requests from passengers accordingly.

Information about the Ride

Drivers can check for the details for pickup point and drop point in a journey.

Accept/Reject Service Request

Drivers can choose between accepting or rejecting a service request depending on their location and availability of time.

Contacting the passenger

The driver can contact with the passenger for confirmation of the pickup destination via the app.


The app should have Google Map integrated which will give the best route to reach the pickup or drop destination.

Journey History

Drivers can save the trip history of every trip they make for future reference.

Driver specific settings

The driver can easily organize their user profile, notification details, payment modes, etc.


Drivers can request a support ticket right though then app when needed.

These features will ensure maximum productivity and long-term engagement with the driver.

Dispatcher and Fleet Panel Features

Manage User Profile

Fleet Owners can manage their profiles easily.

Driver Management

Fleet owners can choose between adding and deleting a driver and also keep a record of the trips made. Documents used at the time of the verification process can also be saved as required.

Trip Management

Keep a track of the entire trips active, completed, pending, expired or canceled.

Ride Scheduling

Fleet owners can manage the ride schedule list.

Ratings & Reviews

Fleet owners can conveniently add ratings or reviews for the driver.

Feature Cab App

Admin Panel Facilities


It is essential for the platform owners to have a robust web-based console to be able to manage the different aspects of the business form a centralized system. A quick summary of the performance of different entities within the business must be accessible with just a click.

Rider Management

Add/Delete riders and also keep an eye on the trip records.

Vehicle Management

Manage reports

Receive all vital stats and insights to evaluate different factors that will influence both the driver and the passenger.

Trip Tracking

Track all rides through the admin console in real-time.

On-board settings

Admin can take care of all SMS, Email and mail settings using the application.

The above-mentioned features are essential for a taxi booking application and should be kept in mind while designing an application. Moreover, you can keep on improving the later versions as per your requirement. All are open to customer feedback it would have and try to implement changes accordingly it would have a significant positive impact on your business.

Revenue Models

Uber follows a revenue model where a certain amount is charged form both the passenger and the driver. But do you have a clear idea about what should work for you? Let us take a deeper insight into some of the possible revenue models that can possibly work for you. Following are some of the viable options

  • Charging a commission from the drivers
  • Passengers are charged a fair.
  • A slight premium based on the distance of the journey and the type of vehicle chosen.
  • Ride Cancellation charges form customers.


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