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Hiring SEO Services in India? Decide After Getting Insights on the PPC Method - Blog - Fourtek IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Hiring SEO Services in India? Decide After Getting Insights on the PPC Method

Search Engine Optimization is the bull’s eye to rank on Google results. SEO generates new leads, helps conversion. It is also a great marketing tool. But what about new websites and page owners, who are unaware of SEO tactics? They usually hire experienced SEO services India and get perks. However, SEO takes time to make contents pop front on SERP. Research states the average time for a new website to rank online span around 90 to 180 days.

Now, there is a shortcut to SEO. In the meantime of waiting for approximately 3 months to get your SEO ranking, give a try on PPC. A laser-like digital marketing strategy, PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. As the name says, PPC is the paid version of SEO. You will pay for the ads to get displayed on your site. And this payment added with an inbuilt SEO mechanism will take your webpage to the first and foremost section of the result pages.

Though the advantages are quite similar in both the cases (SEO and PPC), you must know a few differences in them. It will help you choose the ideal the best one that is appropriate to your digital needs. So, let’s get into the core of SEO and PPC by understanding its benefits and differences.

The 3 Perks of Using SEO Strategies

SEO, search engine optimization is the organic form of ranking. So, you don’t have to pay for anything. Optimizing each element of your website, including the URL is your aim here. So, what is your outcome from practising SEO?

Brands Credibility:

Users online tend to click on organic results more than paid ones. Which means if you rank on Google results using White Hat SEO tricks (keyword analysis, adding backlinks, etc.), then people will consider your brand as a credible site. With proper meta title and description, they may immediately click and enter your page. So, imbibing a sense of trust and branding your contents as ‘trustable’ or ‘authorized’ is the magic of SEO!

Long-Term Sustainability:

Organic search results usually sustain on SERPs for quite a long time. Google crawl bots usually, detect paid and organic-sites. So, they will stop the paid ones from further ranking and give turns for the next set of perfectly optimized sites. Thus, the organic form of ranking will not dry up with time and remains in its position for quite a long time. Professionals from SEO services in India can give you ideas on how to move higher from your present rank!

Threatens Competitors:

We know that people will consider well-optimized, SEO ranked pages on Google. And this gives an edge on the competitor (s). A website that ranks on the 1st few results must indeed have done a great job. And that’s how it got that position on Google. It is an ultimate threatening factor for your competition sites, and they must form new strategies to beat your ranking. Continue doing your optimization works and put the user’s experience first; SEO and Google will do the rest!

So now that we know the three main advantages of using SEO, we can cover the part of PPC’s benefits from the following.

Top-Most Positioning:

By using PPC method, your page takes the highest position. Even to say, the paid results will pop in the first fold of SERP. It is hence a fact that a user should cross the advertisement to move the other sites. Paid search dominates for both mobile and desktop viewing. For smartphones, paid sides appear for 1st three results and PC takes four.

Modifiable Demographics

One disadvantage with SEO ranking is that you do not have control over the potential costumes since Google bots are doing the job. But in the case of PPC, you can aim for a specific target audience by changing the user demographics such as time and day of the week, location, language, device type, etc. This way, you have a hold on who, where, when, and how the users can view your ads! Hire reputed PPC services in Delhi to know how to alter the demographics correctly.

Speed Results

When you must wait for 90 days or more to rank on Google with SEO methodology, you can appear on the top result within a few days. It is also possible to ramp the site in quite some time. So, to make users click a page or brand sites quickly, PPC is the best and fastest way to do so.

If you are doubtful about which one to go with, here are your conclusions:

  • PPC for quick, temporary, and new branding.
  • SEO for long-term, professional, and traffic.

You can also request a quote from PPC Services in Delhi as a support system to help your page rank with better digital tactics beyond your awareness!

Apart from this, if you want seo services as well as ppc services in India then connect with Fourtek with 100% assurance.

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