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Game Development Trends That Will Lead The Market In 2019


The game development industry is growing at exponential rate. And game development companies are keeping themselves updated with every latest trend to stay in the long run.

Not only the entertainment industry but also military, corporate, health care and education companies from each corner of the world are leveraging the positive effects of the game development, keeping their company’s learning requirements in mind. The gaming industry is, no doubt, leaving a greater impact on different facets of other industries. The very first thing the games offer is interactivity. The games are the very best thing to engage users within a minimum period. There are lots of advantages of game development such as it is realistic; it is cost-effective; it is the best source to engage users and; it is accountable. Due to these reasons, it is in high demand. Therefore multiple game development companies are following the trends to stay in the competition. Let’s get to know what trends will the gaming industry will bring with itself in 2019.

Feeling First” Design

This begins with the emotions and there is no doubt that developers want players to feel. From there, they create mechanics, gameplay, and story as well. It can be said a flip over the traditional approach to the game development. The “feel Engineering” is all about developing unique and moving emotional responses in players.


Now, Twitch mechanics are crafted accurately into the editing software with Lumberyard. It actually has never been easier to explore the new ways in which streaming as well as community gaming further can be easily integrated into the better gaming experience.

Indie Liking Spread Thin

From Twin to the Amazon’s AAA-caliber lumberyard, all types of platforms are available for aspiring game development companies to get their hands on. Along with the unprecedentedly low barriers to entry, this software access has meant a huge indie game flood of the entire market. This clearly means that indie games are making it in front of people. However, this also means that it is quite harder to get your indie game in front of the people.

Apple TV

The highly appealing gaming platform, which will anticipatedly start to see added games. The latest generation of this platform is practically screaming for the games to be developed.
Mobile Gaming

Everyone must be familiar with Pokemon Go, which is proving that the untapped masses can also be reached. The latest trends are showing that the top mobile games development companies are leaving no stone unturned to stay in the long run and leveraging all the benefits of the mobile games. The mobile games are much easier to design for multiple platforms; however, it is getting a bit harder to reach the interested gamers.

Incremental Console Upgrades

However, this is a peripheral design trend but not exactly the unexpected one. Today, the 7-year cycle of the consoles seems to be dead. Both Sony and Xbox pronounced the new iterations of the PS4 and Xbox. Xbox OneS is having slight hardware upgrades with a sleeker body. Also, Xbox Scorpio is boasting some serious hardware upgrade. Talking about Sony’s PS4, it is also similarly charged up.


So, these were a few of the trends that will lead the gaming industry in the year 2019. The game development companies, as well as mobile games development companies, are all set to follow the trend and leverage all the advantages offered by them. If you also want to have some unique and interactive games to be developed, get connected with a reliable company like Fourtek. To get more relevant details, keep visiting our official blog section.


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