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E-commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO: How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic in 2020

Are you running an online store? Do you want to get more organic traffic on your website? Then you have clicked on the perfect place as here we shall discuss some simple tricks that will help you boost your website’s performance.

Today’s world is advancing at a very fast speed and the expense of various services is also seeing an uphill. Product Listing Ads are becoming more expensive and 2020 shall witness a major hike. Thus the best option left with the owners of an online store is strengthening his SEO tactics.

Generating organic traffic on those pages where your products are listed can be a tough nut to crack. If you are not relying much on paid sources then you have to work hard with your skills. Below you will find some of the most effective e-commerce tips that will show fruitful results in increasing your website’s traffic in the year 2020.


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Design the perfect structure for your website

You should pay a lot of heed to this point as it can help you benefit the maximum. It is important that your website is well-structured so that it can appeal to the targeted customers instantly. This will also increase your chances of appearing on the results pages of various search engines and ranking on them. Your website’s improved structure will increase the probability of customers making a purchase from it.


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Insert powerful e-commerce keywords

After you are done with structuring your website, it is time to take a leap to the more powerful option of inserting keywords. There are multiple e-commerce keywords that can draw a large number of potential clients to your website. Search for strong keywords and insert them in the most appropriate position. You can get effective keywords from various websites that shall be completely relevant to your business. There are certain keywords that are searched in huge volumes every month and you should try and incorporate them for better results.


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Put the best product description forward

The page allotted for presenting the description of the product should be utilized in the best way possible. You should not fill it up with mere details of the product but emphasize intricate details. Try to bring up the USP of your products and state the reasons why customers should invest in them. Keep the description simple and avoid tough words that need to be searched by the users. Try to use bullets as they attract the attention of the viewers faster.


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Do not copy and paste from others

You will agree to the fact that avoiding duplicate content is not an easy task when maintaining an e-commerce site. There are thousands of products that match yours and keeping the product description completely different is quite tough. You will find another product having the same details and this can affect your ranking in the SERP. Thus the only way out is to use canonical tags as these links prevent duplicates contents. They make the search engines aware that the content is completely real and not copied and pasted from another site.


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Pay heed to the mobile experience of users

Today, most of the sales leads of e-commerce sites are generated from Smartphones and this fact cannot be neglected under any circumstances. Thus you should develop a robust interface dedicatedly for mobile users. The site should be dynamic so that it can gather responses of the customers and completely easy to access. You should make sure that the page speed is high and the loading time is less so that users do not lose interest in the process of checking out various products.


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Work on the page displaying the categories of your products

The page that shows the categories of the products you are selling is as crucial as the page showing the products. Your potential customers should be aware of the categories of products you are selling as that increases the chance of purchases. Try to use keywords in the titles of the categories and add effective meta descriptions. Insert links in this description along with images as they make a strong appeal to the viewers. There should be visually retreating images all throughout your page for holding on to the interest of the customers for the longest.

Do not insert any broken link

This is a common problem with most of the sites and viewers get highly disappointed with it. They click on a link with a lot of interest and find out it to be broken and the system showing a 404 error. You should avoid this common problem by using any tool that detects all the broken links present on your site. This will help you in clutching on to your viewers' interest and enthusiasm for checking your website.

Maintain higher sped on your website

There are often various elements present on a website that slow down it's processing. This annoys users the most as they lose their time in operating different functions available on your page. Your viewers will mark it as a bad experience and you will surely not want to buy it. So use an efficient tool that will find out those elements that are retarding the speed of your website and help you in accelerating it. You will be able to fix the issues without wasting any minute and your viewers will have the best experience on checking out your website.

Do not risk your online store’s security

As you are heading towards 2020, you should become more cautious about your store’s security from unknown threats. All your customers’ personal details will be present in your store and there are hackers who have their eyes on them. Thus it is your primary duty to secure your store using HTTPS and that shall also help you score high ranks on various search engines. The personal data of your customers shall be encrypted and it will be impossible for hackers to decrypt them without the encryption key.

Add noteworthy content on your site

The year of 2019 has seen a vast evolution in the section of blogging with numerous online stores using it as a key tool for generating traffic. 2020 shall see the extension of it with more good content in the form of audio or visuals. You should work hard on the contents and give birth to the best ones as they say ‘content is the king’. Try to be regular with updating content as that can help you reach out to more and more potential clients.

Avoid complexities in your contents

Get the fact clear that the audiences today are not game for investing a few hours in reading your complex contents. They are more into scanning an article or blog and finding out the relevant points. If your content strikes them then they shall go through but if it is hard to read then they shall simply prefer avoiding it. So use simple yet meaningful words in your articles and keep the whole content crisp.

Always remember that SEO is time-consuming and you will not be able to break the ice in a single day. So, work efficiently and keep in practice the above tactics.

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