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Angular vs React: Which One to Choose for Your Mobile App?

While both React and Angular can help build robust applications, they differ significantly in features and functionality. Web developers have a choice between the two keeping several factors in

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Android vs iOS Development Which Is Better For App?

Mobile applications require an OS or operating system to function. The two major operating systems available are Android and iOS. The first decision that an ap

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How to develop Apps like Whisper?

Being anonymous can be beneficial at times because it allows an individual to share their problems which are similar to others on a public platform without being judged. It always feels great to be able to speak your heart out without worrying about its consequences. Becoming a faceless, namel

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How to develop video editing apps like Magisto

There is no denying the fact that as mobile phones got 'smarter', many aspects of day to day life got relatively easier. For example, earlier for obtaining an image or a video of superior quality one had to rely on a professional DSLR camera. Nowadays, most of the standard smartphone c

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How to Develop an App like Viber

Instant messaging apps became hugely popular among mobile users for quick communication. One of the most prominent apps that have transformed the way of interpersonal communication is Viber. It is one of the most popular chatting apps in

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