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Powerful Android App Development tools in India across various Platforms


More than you call mobile apps a luxury today, they are a way of life these days. Hence, calling them the essential part of digital era won’t be wrong.  But the greatest challenge faced by the read more

The connection of SQL to Android App Development

22nd Nov 2017

All those who are related to the Android app development or any other development then they would be completely familiar with the term SQL. Others who aren’t familiar, it sta

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6 Ideas to Advance the Time line of App Development

8th Nov 2017

There is always a constant struggle between the speed and technology. The area of mobile app development, it is found that there are quite long and big development cycles in comparison to traditional web applications which is a matter of concern for developers and

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The Dramatic Growth of Digital World Present and Future Revealed!

11th september 2017

“Loading 2017” has crossed the 50% mark and there has come few of the ongoing hottest trend in the market which we must acquire now. From evolved artificial intelligence to instant communication expectations, we bring you the best of the best, perfect f

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Spoiler Alert: Mobile Version of the Site to Face Changes. Click here to know!

5th September

The year 2016 saw back-to-back updates on search algorithms and  SERPs. The last update of the year where Google decided to launch an individual mobile search index which shall become the primary index. Although the effectiveness of the index will take time to

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