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Breaking 3 SEO Myths & Know When to Hire ORM and SMO Services in India - Blog - Fourtek IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
SMO Services in India

Breaking 3 SEO Myths & Know When to Hire ORM and SMO Services in India

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about ranking on server result pages and giving site or brand visibility to a range of audience. When reading articles and journals on SEO, you may have come across two other digital terminologies, i.e. ORM and SMO;

ORM (Online Reputation Management) restores and enhances your existing image and online presence for people. Agencies that focus on eliminating your brand’s negative aspects and imbibing positive feedback are called ORM services.

SMO (Social Media Optimization) has the core to increase your present product awareness and brand identity, using several social media (SM) platforms. Indian companies that help your brand get more followers/subscribers, drive traffic, and convert users into customers are called professional SMO services India.

Now, do you think SMO and ORM are related to SEO ranking? Of course yes! By optimizing your social media channels and making sure that your company has a favourable perception from the audience, it will help you rank high and increase leads. Let’s understand how SMO and ORM work relative to SEO, by first knowing what they both are not, since a few misconceptions revolve around each service.  

3 SMO and ORM Myth Breakers

MYTH 1: SMO Works Only for Big Brands

A few years back, technology was in its pre-development stage. So customers did not have enough opportunity to voice out their opinions or suggestions. But today, with the advent of social media, blogs, review sites, and other virtual platforms, anybody on earth can comment or give feedback on anything! The point here is, whether you own a small community-based agency or run a large-scale business sector, your brand must be active on social media and other networking channels. A few ways to do this;

  • Tweet back for sensible posts.
  • Comment on your industry-based images on SM.
  • Reply and acknowledge your audience.

By having a positive feed on your online networking sites, your brand already has a good reputation. So, when the intention is to satisfy your user (which is Google’s objective too), you will eventually go up on result pages. Social media optimization is thus not limited to big companies but works for any scale of business.

MYTH 2: You Don’t have to React for Negative Comments

Never think transparency works only with e-commerce websites or quora answers. You have to possess clarity even on critical platforms like SM. Also, brands are thinking even in the presence of criticisms and objections you don’t have to respond to negative feedback. Doing so will give you a bad online reputation; it also denotes secretly that what that user has commented (objected) about your brand is true since you did not respond.

Therefore, it is recommended that you respond to criticisms as soon as possible. However, it does not mean that you have to start an aggressive virtual fight with your user for a bad comment. More subtle ways of responding include:

  • Sharing something contradictory to the given remark.
  • Agreeing with the feedback and then respond accordingly.
  • Not insulting the person by back-commenting for criticism.
  • Not pretending as if the comment is not bad. Acknowledge genuinely.

In performing a transparent and reputed business, be aware of how to respond for criticisms proactively. This way, even other users can feel positive about your response and this increases your audience likeability. So, the more people like your brand, the more leads you will generate.

MYTH 3: Social Reputation is Manageable by Yourself

You can post or type “reply-back” messages for meaningful and constructive user engagement. But the harsh reality is that you cannot manage everything by yourself. Commenting for remarks, saying that your brand is in the learning stage, and even for the final step of deleting the user’s comment are all that you can do.

But there are cases where you must hire digital experts from SEO, ORM, and SMO services in India. Some of those situations are:

  • When there are posts “illegal” about your brand.
  • When someone released false information about your page or brand.
  • When an individual has opened an ad-hoc hate website on you or your business.
  • When the user comments or types something in a defamatory language.
  • When the person commenting on your brand page is trying to damage your online presence and reputation.

Now, you may think that the above-given situations can be tackled proactively by yourself. Trying to do so will indirectly damage your reputation unconsciously. Worse is when a person searches your profile online, and a hate page pops first!

So, think no more; SMO and ORM services will help you get back the lost reputation. Professional support is required to handle online negativity. And here comes your takeaway: Don’t react but respond to criticism and if you are unaware of how to respond, then get help from experts.

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