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6 must follow Trends of 2018 in Digital Marketing

26th Dec 2017

The future predictions for the Digital marketing although aren’t easy but still there exist possibilities with which you can make accurate predictions. There are few trends which may not emerge today but will surely intensify in the coming 5 years.

1. Adopting the Mindset of an Intrapreneur

The work of an “intrapreneur” remains with the working of the mindset of an entrepreneur. But the only difference is that this working is done within a larger Digital Marketing Company in Delhi such as Fourtek IT Solutions. The operations of Entrepreneurs are carried under uncertain conditions. It is the work of Intrapreneurs to respond to this uncertainty which is powered by a creativity as well as experimentation.

2. Increasing the diversity of Customers -

The geography not only comprises of the global consumer. It also means time zone, language, attitude, age, politics and much more. If we talk about ten years ago, your grandparents weren’t aware of the online presence but the same is not true today.

3. Get Personal now-

It was long ago figured out by Adtech that conversions go up with the advertisements tuning to the persons who view them. Now is the time for webtech to catch up. Many sites today are still static which do not pay heed to the personalization lessons that are taught by the adjacent industries. The consequences of this will soon be clearly visible to the brands when the demands of the younger generations will evolve for the Web experiences. The Internet Marketing Company in Noida, Fourtek understand this change very well.

4. Data Mastery

Today, there is always huge data with every one of us and our only challenge is to do something more useful with it. This will demand new technologies and roles within the internet marketing which will help in drawing out the actual insights and thus drive optimization.

5. Specialization by Internet Marketing Company in Delhi

Developing new modern digital experiences always requires a net set of skills which range from the traditional to the modern ways.  This means a change from ways such as brand, design, copywriting, advertising to new ones such as software development, big data engines, software frameworks, dynamic content, dynamic testing, online bid-based advertising. Fourtek is one such Internet Marketing Company in Noida who knows how and when to switch.

6. Security

Security is one such concern that can never be avoided or your brand will become prone to high damage. As per the latest studies, even a small breach can be very harmful to the brand and can have more negative impacts than the scandals which involve the CEO’s. Depending on the quantity of the breaches, it becomes quite necessary for the marketers to work with trusted partners so the customers’ data security is ensured.


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