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6 Ideas to Advance the Time line of App Development

8th Nov 2017

There is always a constant struggle between the speed and technology. The area of mobile app development, it is found that there are quite long and big development cycles in comparison to traditional web applications which is a matter of concern for developers and entrepreneurs. But in order to speed up the development process of the app, few resources are available. Therefore, we have compiled few ideas for hacking the timeline of mobile app development.

Get low-fidelity Wireframes

Before you start heading towards the time taking the process of app development, it is necessary that you take hold of the low-fidelity wireframes. In contrast to the high one, these help with time-saving as they are the rough blueprints which are abstract and has less detail. The necessity of a wireframe is that your programmer gets a better idea of what he has to do and gets to know about the functionalities to be built.

Get the MVP of your own and go for Testing

instead of getting in the market with a completed product, present the world with a minimum viable product. Start gathering the data with the help of a feedback loop. Take the help of this collected feedback to constantly inform about the development process.

Admit Hybrid Mobile Development Solutions

there are many Hybrid Mobile Development Solutions such as the Adobe PhoneGap and Xamarin which allows the use of single codebase so as to target the multiple platforms instead of going with the native code each time separately. This way, you can get two apps by only developing one time for both the platforms, Android and iOS platforms.

Offload Non-Core Activities

post completion of the product, start thinking about how to get a more engaging audience for your mobile apps. Platforms for mobile engagement is packed with pre-made applets which can be added to your core product and do not worry about any additional coding.

Give away the Non-Core Development Features

if there is any need of coding in the mobile app then considering the outsourcing thing would be great. At times, it is good to have Android App Development outsourced as it turns out to be more efficient. This consideration also helps when you are adding few add-ons to your present version of the product. Understand it like this, if you want your app to be developed for IOS platform when you already have it on Android, getting an iPhone app Development Company would be best here. Since your team is more efficient with android, getting those who are more familiar and experienced with IOS development work will save the struggle for your team. Moreover, giving away the tasks to others helps your team in concentrating on main operations.
To Ensure App Security, Set Up Automated Testing -

the fastest and the most secure way of accommodating the development cycles to give a quality product is by providing the automated mobile application testing. With this testing, you can run multiple tests simultaneously which would take more time if done manually. Speeding up of the testing expands the test coverage making you more confident about the bug-free code.

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