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6 Best SEM Tools For Search Engine Marketing In 2021

Creating a website isn’t enough to ensure a strong online presence. You need to incorporate strategies that make your website visible to the targeted users. An effective way of doing so is through Search engine marketing or SEM, which helps in managing and optimizing paid search ads.

With millions of businesses existing online, it becomes important to focus on online advertising to reach your target audience. You need to look for high volume and low competition keywords to attract the audience to your website through SEM.

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing refers to the strategies used to make the website more visible on search engine results pages or SERPs. It earlier involved both SEO and paid search but now only refers to paid search activities. It is also referred to as Paid search advertising or PPC (pay-per-click).

With most searches on Google lasting less than a minute, it is important for your business to rank higher in order to be noticed by the users. Achieving this only with the help of organic strategies may not always be possible, which is why your business requires Search Engine Marketing.

Using this paid advertising to stay on top of the SERPs is the most effective way of growing your consumer base. The ads will be displayed on the prominent locations on the result page. These ads are made to be highly relevant to the search query to ensure that the users click on them. Every click that the ad gets also improves the organic ranking of the website.  

Keywords form the basis of this type of advertising. As an advertiser, you need to find the best keywords to bid on. This requires the usage of specific tools that have been designed to bolster your research and provide the most relevant results that will scale up the traffic on your website.

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Need for Search Engine Marketing:

In this digital world, the first place that consumers look for a business is online. Most of the buyers make their purchases based on the query on the search engine. There is a tremendous increase in the number of people researching and shopping for products online. This has made search engine marketing critical for the operation of any business.

SEM is considered a smart way of utilizing the marketing budget because businesses only require to pay for impressions that bring visitors to the website. Another advantage of PPC is that it is non-intrusive and does not interrupt the users. Since the customer is already looking for the product or service, the business is more likely to make sales through SEM.

Components of an SEM campaign:

For a marketer, SEM comprises of the following broad steps:

  • Keyword research- This involves finding the most relevant keywords associated with the website or product.
  • Location- The next step is to choose a geographical region which the ad will target.
  • Create Ad- This step involves creating a text-based ad that will be displayed on the SERPs.
  • Bidding- This step involves bidding for every click on the ad.

Tools for Search Engine Marketing:

After you have bought a domain and built a website for your online business, the next big step is its promotion online. This can be done with SEM or Search Engine Marketing. By incorporating the right SEM strategies, you can promote your website, increase the traffic on the website and improve your conversion rates.

These tools allow marketers to research relevant keywords, set budgets for online ad campaigns and analyze online marketing results. Finding the best tool out of the countless varieties that exist can be difficult. A list of the best SEM Tool for search engine marketing in 2021:

  1. SEMrush- A tool that has several SEO, SMM and SEM features is SEMrush. You can use this reporting tool for keyword research, rank tracking, site audits and traffic analysis etc. This tool can also be used to keep track of your competitor’s digital marketing efforts. This tool is also popularly used for keyword research and content mapping.
  2. A tool that can significantly improve your keyword research to target the audience better is This tool can also provide alternative words and phrases that you can use in your paid ads. You can generate thousands of keywords from various sources through this tool. The tool uses Google Autocomplete to find related keywords that might be difficult for you to look for on your own. It is extremely popular amongst content creators, digital marketers and small business owners.
  3. SpyFu- A tool that allows you to not only keep track of your rankings on search engines but also find out what your competitors are up to is SpyFu. It helps to find out keywords that are being used by your competitors and also about their digital ads and organic search results.
  4. Wordstream- If you are looking for a digital marketing tool that does it all, Wordstream is the best name in the industry. This all-in-one tool can be used to manage and optimize ads. It has features that allow the optimization of all your digital marketing campaigns and helps in creating smart ads. You can also use this SEM tool for data analysis for your paid advertising performance. This tool also helps you to find relevant keywords that can be used in your ads and negative keywords that you should avoid using.
  5. Hubspot’s Ad Tracking Software- This tool provides metrics for the various ads that you are running. It helps to find out which ads are doing well and how are they influencing the buyers. You can use this tool to integrate paid advertising with other marketing campaigns and analyze the performance of your ads using various metrics such as traffic and clicks.
  6. Google Trends- The best way to find out which search terms are trending is by using Google Trends. You can use this to find the search volume for a particular keyword across regions, languages and time frames. With the help of this tool, you can ensure that you are putting your money only behind keywords that are actually popular.

This tool is especially useful for eCommerce companies targeting a particular geographical area.

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Several other SEM tools are available that can be used as a part of your digital marketing strategy.

In Conclusion

Search Engine Marketing involves the use of paid advertising to market a business on SERPs. It provides businesses with the opportunity to make their services visible online in front of consumers who are willing to make a purchase. Advertisers bid on keywords that consumers might use will searching for the product or service online and in exchange, get the chance of displaying their ads on top of the search engine results page.

You can use SEM tools for competitive analysis to find out which keywords your competitors are bidding on and how well their ads are performing on the web. You need to have a strong SEM strategy in place to optimize paid search ads and reach a wider audience. All of these digital marketing efforts will ensure that the traffic on your website is scaled up, which in turn will boost your conversion rates.

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