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5 Internet Marketing Trends that will Rule the Online Business Industry in 2018 - Blog - Fourtek IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

5 Internet Marketing Trends that will Rule the Online Business Industry in 2018


Internet marketing today has emerged as a totally different affair, irrespective of what it was a couple of years ago. The field has been flooded with young entrepreneurs who are busy making fortunes and stakes out of all the creativity and expertise that they possess. There is no denying the fact that profit of an Internet marketing business company entirely depends upon the medium or mode that you are using to disseminate the pros of your product online and method of advertising that is being used to grab the attention of online customers. Over the years, this industry has adopted several online marketing trends that yielded profit to the marketers over the Internet, with social media at the top. Today, the words ‘Evolve and Reform’ rule the market and will lay the future stakes for Internet Marketing in the year 2018. examples are evident from social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube, Insta and many other social media platforms continuously keep on revamping their interfaces and platforms in order to offer best to their customers and keep their interest intact. Latest developments are adopted by the developers so that they can also adapt according to the taste of their customers. There has been a slight change in the mode of advertising over social media platforms.

Let’s take a quick look over, what will rule the Internet marketing over social media this year:

Videos on demand as well as videos in demand: A good video is no less than an eye candy for the customers or viewers on social media. According to social media video stats, Youtube freaks spend around billion hours watching videos of their taste every day. Facebook is even no less where the users watch around eight billion videos in a single day which may range from commercial advertising videos to videos related to entertainment and current affairs. Twitter has 82 percent of its video viewing onboard. This year, video publicity will grow denser over social media platforms because a good video content can fetch you fortunes if it satisfies the taste of a customer. Also, catchy taglines and hyperlinks along with these video content will gain more prominence this year.

Another popular trend that will slowly rise to the top this year is that Social Media Influencers will start to gain prominence as they are the one who have a pre-established credibility and reputation over every internet marketing company. They have influence and access to a large online audience and can persuade them easily with the help of their credibility over internet market.

Data protection regulations will be imposed this year in order to make online marketing and purchasing safer. According to a report, the European Union on May 25, 2018, will bring into force General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will limit companies from accessing personal data of their customers without their consent. Those who fail to comply will be fined.

 Chatbots have been used extensively by various internet marketing companies. Chatbots are driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and usually integrated into social media messaging platforms. They help to ease confusion, carry out tasks and execute your instructions just like a robot that operates on audiovisual feedbacks. In the nearby future apart from handling automated customer services, the chatbots will also manage customer interactions.

The new story feature will also get into business in order to bind the customers by relating to them emotionally. Just like Whatsapp and Facebook along with Insta have included an option through which you can coin your stories on your timeline and as status, this method will be a quick source of advertising and marketing for any internet marketing company.

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