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4 Creative Ways to Generate Leads With Instagram


With the growth of new media and the internet, it has become increasingly important for a business to have an online presence. The internet is a great marketing tool that businesses can use to reach consumers on a global scale. Social media is used very commonly to market a product or service and to increase the brand outreach. Instagram is one of the tools on the internet that has the potential to reach a wide range of potential consumers and generate leads for a specific business. Instagram is very commonly used to market brands of fashion, art, jewelry, cooking, and individuals. It is usually used to reach people between the age group 14-40. It is a growing platform for marketing and advertising your product and service. This can be done with your own account or by hiring Instagram influencers to advertise your brand. A combination of both these strategies with paid advertising woks the best of all on this platform.

There are multiple ways to ensure efficient lead generation on Instagram. You can use the following creative methods to have effective marketing on Instagram.

1. Develop your page look:

Having a perfect Instagram page is the most important method to ensure lead generation on Instagram. If potential customers visit your Instagram profile, they should be interested in what they see enough to contact you or become customers. There are many features on Instagram you can use to have a perfect profile for your page. Having a good profile photo, bio, and posts are the most basic method to ensure the same.

Profile photo: profile photo on Instagram is the first thing a person visiting your page looks at. A profile photo should have your business logo or an image related to your business. Avoid the use of images with texts for your profile photo as they can’t be realized unless the photo is zoomed.

Bio: bio is the basic information about your business you provide on your Instagram profile. A good bio is short and to the point, which can be read by the viewers at a glance. The bio should contain information like what your business is about, what types of products you sell or services you provide, and a link to your website for more information or purchase. It can also have information about discounts and offers, if any.

Posts:While having multiple posts is important, you need to ensure that they do not make your page look cluttered. While uploading posts, you can also pay attention to the way they make your profile look from a distance. Basically, if it looks like you have taken an effort on your Instagram handle, it creates a creative and efficient image of your brand to potential customers and helps in lead generation.

2. CTA: 

CTA or Call to Action is the method of driving people to take action after looking at the posts and stories you put up. There are various ways for CTA on Instagram, which includes having multiple comments on posts, multiple likes, and shares. The viewers will look at this and then turn to the website. the posts with more comments tend to CTA better than likes or shares.

Through posts: Along with the content of your post, you need to make sure that you include a tag- link in bio or similar tag to drive the viewer towards your profile and then finally towards your product or service. Large and small brands widely use this methodto expand their business.

Through stories:There is an option on Instagram business accounts to swipe up, which directs the followers or viewers to your website where they can get more information on the product or service in the post. This leads to a rise in views of the website and a rise in the sale too. Using good content on the stories to make the viewer curious to know more is extremely important for this to work.

IGTV:   IGTV is a video that is of long duration. You can use IGTV to drive the viewers to take action for your brand by either advertising your product or service on the IGTV video or by reaching a wider audience by creating multiple TVs.

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3. Tools on Instagram:

Instagram is a social media platform that has multiple tools that can be used to reach a wide audience. It is necessary to use all of these features of Instagram effectively and in a good combination to ensure maximum efficiency.

Stories: stories are one of the most important tools that can be used to generate brand awareness and for lead generation. Statically, Instagram stories are viewed more than the posts. They also tend to have a wider reach and can be used creatively using the various templates available. The live option acts as a direct conversation between the business and the consumers, which can be used by individuals and small businesses.

Highlights: when you create a story that redirects a viewer to your website, it is useful to save it in highlights so that the viewer may visit the same again. Highlights help categorize the various products and services you offer and make the page look clean. This is a user-friendly method that results in lead generation.

Caption: having a great caption to your post is very important. You cannot make the actual post very informative so that the caption can carry all the necessary information related to the post. The caption needs to be creative, precise, and informative in nature. It has to be accompanied by various hashtags related to your product and related industry. Hashtag help gains new viewers and a wider reach.


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4. Action buttons: 

An action button is a feature of a Business account on Instagram. They are basically buttons on your Instagram profile, which give your contact information to the people who wish to contact you. It is the final step in lead generation, which can transform potential customers into loyal customers of your brand. Instagram gives the option of four buttons, namely Call, Text, Directions, and Email.

Call: The call button gives the potential customer a five-digit number by which they can contact you or leave you a voice message. This button is used commonly in small businesses rather than on large brand pages.

Text: the text option allows the viewer to send you a text to which you can respond and start a conversation. It is the most used button on Instagram as it is a perfect combination of personal but not very personal.

Directions: Directions are the least used of all options. It can be used by local brands that target the local population for which the address would be useful.

Email: the email option is used when another business contacts your business. This is a more formal method of conversation than the text.


Instagram is an important tool to generate leads for your brand or business in today’s world. If used well, this social media application will generate consumers from the young-adults generation. It has a high potential for marketing and has a demographic of people interested in any form of art.

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