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25 Best Social Media Marketing Tools For Your Growing Business

Social Media has become the new way of reaching consumers and creating a relationship with them. The online presence can make or break a brand. This is why most businesses now hire marketers to help manage their social media platforms. Employing the right marketing strategies will drive more traffic to your business and help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Marketers use various tools that help in the creation, publishing and monitoring of engaging content for various social media platforms. Twenty-five of the most popular social media marketing tools used by marketers to promote their businesses online are-

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most effective and comprehensive social media marketing tools that allows monitoring multiple accounts, scheduling content and running ads. This is an all-in-one platform that can connect with more than 35 social media networks.

2. Buffer

Buffer allows businesses to publish, analyze and collaborate. It accommodates various social media accounts and makes marketing more organized and convenient. It works well for businesses that have multiple social media accounts to manage and monitor. It also provides detailed analysis reports to keep track of the performance of your brand on these platforms.

3. Sendible

Sendible is a tool used to streamline communication by agencies with multiple clients. It allows you to customize the dashboard and has a unique content engine and interactive calendar.

4. Buzzsumo

Quality content is essential for effective social media marketing. Buzzsumo can help you research for the type of content that will do well with your audience. This tool also helps analyze content performance. You can also keep a track on the performance of your competitors and find out the most shared type of content in your industry.

5. eClincher

Along with scheduling posts and responding to social media messages, this tool also enables auto-posting. It can also help in the analysis of your social media performance.

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6. CoSchedule

This tool not only helps you manage your social media but also allows you to collaborate with your team. It is a great way of organizing all the projects on a single platform.

7. Canva

Canva has various design tools and templates that help create visual content for your social media. You can create attractive content for your followers using this tool.

8. Khoros

This social media marketing tool helps businesses interact with potential customers directly. You can publish content on various platforms and monitor its performance.  The best feature of this tool is the community engagement that it provides to businesses.

9. Agorapulse

The features that make Agorapulse a must-have tool for managing social media for businesses are- content scheduling, message tracking, and in-depth analysis. It also provides an opportunity to effectively engage with customers.

10. Socedo

Socedo is a tool that increases brand visibility and grows the client base for businesses. It helps brands connect with their target audience and also helps them discover popular trends that are relevant to them.

11. Edgar

Edgar is the best tool to automate posting on your social media platforms. It uses the content in your library and posts it according to categories. Edgar is the most effective way of scheduling your content.

12. Grum

Grum is a highly effective social media marketing tool that focuses on Instagram. Its advanced features such as content scheduling, remote management etc. increase engagement on the app and allow effective marketing for brands.

13. Post Planner

What most businesses lack is consistently publishing content on social media platforms. A tool that helps you sort this out is Post planner. This post scheduling tool can help you come up with the right type of content that will engage the audience. It ensures that the content is posted on your platforms at the right time to drive maximum engagement.

14. Tailwind

This marketing tool focuses on Instagram and Pinterest. It helps in creating and scheduling visual content for these platforms and also helps monitor the performance. It is a great tool for content promotion and management for these two platforms.

15. Bynder

Bynder makes your social media marketing effective by streamlining the whole process. It automates the workflow, which makes storing and editing much easier. You can collaborate with your team on this platform and effectively manage marketing.

16. Statusbrew

Another tool that does it all is Statusbrew. It provides features such as automated publishing, post schedule etc. It helps in effectively managing the content on various social media platforms and analyzing its performance. You can collaborate with your team to effectively manage all your projects on a single platform.

17. Tweet Deck

Tweet Deck is a social media marketing tool that is designed solely for Twitter. You can use this tool to tweet, schedule and monitor the performance of your content. It also helps you stay aware of the trending and relevant topics.

18. Sprout Social

This tool works for all popular social media platforms. It helps in creating content, scheduling and publishing content. It also helps in monitoring the performance of the content and measuring the engagement on your social media platforms.

19. Crowdfire

The unique feature of Crowdfire is that it provides a single platform to handle all your social media marketing campaigns. It allows automation of content curation and publishing. It also provides relevant recommendations to marketers to improve the quality of their content.

20. MavSocial

 This tool focuses on the visual aspect of your social media. It helps in generating various graphics and videos for your social media platforms. You can also use this tool to schedule and reschedule content. It also provides a platform for collaboration and monitoring the performance of the content on different platforms.

21. Oktopost

If you wish to find out how your social media content is actually doing and what ads are leading to engagement and conversions, you should use this social media marketing tool for analysis. It is quite effective for B2B marketing campaigns and also helps in engaging better with the consumers.

22. Sprinklr

This is considered to be an effective social media marketing tool for large enterprises. It has multiple social media and messaging channels. It provides a comprehensive platform with several tools integrated on a single interface.

23. Google alerts

This is an excellent analytical tool that provides you with an alert every time your business gets a mention online. It also alerts you regarding the usage of specific keywords on social media platforms.

24. Social Pilot

You can connect up to 200 social media accounts with Social Pilot. This allows bulk posting and provides suggestions on ways to make your content more engaging. This is an excellent lead generation tool for social media platforms.

25. Adobe Spark Post

If you wish to add a professional look to your visual content, Adobe Spark Post is an excellent choice. It helps in creating engaging graphic content for your social media.

Employing the right strategies for your social media marketing will significantly improve the traffic an engagement for your business. By using the right tools, you will be able to create engaging content, take it to the target audience and get more conversions. You can also keep track of your social media performance using the analytics features of these tools. 

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